Prince Harry Returns To Nevis On Official Royal Visit


harryPrince Harry returns to Nevis today for the first time since he was a young boy.

He first came in 1993 with his mother, Princess Diana.

He is due to arrive on the island early this afternoon and will be welcomed to the island by local residents of Nevis who he will have the opportunity to meet.

His Royal Highness will then continue his time on the island with a visit to a local turtle conservation initiative on Lover’s Beach. Local treasure Lemuel Pemberton, founded the Nevis Turtle

Group in 2003, and is dedicated to developing a Sea Turtle Conservation Programme for Nevis that, by involving the local community, will ensure sea turtles are protected for years to come.

Volunteers work every night on the beaches that surround Nevis tagging sea turtles and collecting information about their nesting habits and movements.

Alongside Mr Pemberton, Prince Harry will inspect the turtle nests along the beach, many of which can include up to 500 turtle eggs per nest. This is a wonderful moment for the island as Prince

Harry’s dedication to animal conservation bolsters the efforts Nevis is making as an eco-conscious island, to protect its wildlife.

The Four Seasons Resort Nevis are partnering with this project, encouraging all their guests to experience this wonderful Sea Turtle Conservation program.

Prince Harry is visiting St Kitts and Nevis as part of his official visit to the Caribbean on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.

Nevis has a long history of visits from the Royals, dating as far back as the late 18th century when Prince William Henry, who later became King William IV, came to give the hand of Fanny Nisbet to Lord Horatio Nelson in marriage.

Two hundred years later, Prince Charles holidayed in Nevis in 1973 before Queen Elizabeth herself came in the 1985.

Hon Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation says – “All of Nevis welcomes Prince Harry back home. We remember him fondly as a boy not yet 10, being here with his mother Princess Diana of immortal memory and his brother Prince William. We remember too his father Prince Charles being here in 1973. Indeed even his grandmother our revered Queen Elizabeth II has graced Nevis’ shores. Our long connection with England goes back to her famous sons such as Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson who married our Nevisian daughter Fanny Nisbet in 1787 and who had in attendance at their historic wedding the man who would later be King William IV. We therefore wish Prince Harry the very best and hope that he can find the footprints he left in Nevis’ sand over 2 decades ago”.


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