Premier League’s best players named


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has beaten Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas to be named the Premier League’s best player.

Premier League's best players named

In a poll conducted by Zoo Magazine, the England star received an impressive 21 per cent of votes with Fabregas in second place with 14 per cent.

Man City’s fiery striker Carlos Tevez came third on 13 per cent, followed by Gareth Bale and Samir Nasri with 12 and 11 per cent respectively.

Making up the list were Spurs’ Rafael van der Vaart, Man United stars Nemanja Vidic, Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes, Spurs’ Luka Modric and Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.

Manchester United’s veteran midfielder Ryan Giggs was the player most fans would like to have  a drink with while the controversial El Hadji Diouf beat the recently retired Gary Neville to the crown of footballer fans would least like a pint with.

Liverpool have the best fans ahead of Newcastle United and Man United while Spurs would be the team football fans would support after their favourite team.

Best Player results:

Steven Gerrard: 21 per cent

Cesc Fabregas: 14 per cent

Carlos Tevez: 13 per cent

Gareth Bale: 12 per cent

Samir Nasri: 11 per cent

Rafael van der Vaart: 7 per cent

Nemanja Vidic: 6 per cent

Wayne Rooney: 4 per cent

Paul Scholes: 4 per cent

Luka Modric: 4 per cent

Frank Lampard: 2 per cent

For more results view the Football Fancast website or pick up a copy of Zoo Magazine.

Picture Credit: Nicholas MacGowan von Holstein on Flickr


  1. Zoo magazine!!! Well that pretty much makes this gospel then doesn’t it? Considering the target audience of that mag are kids of 17 with an IQ of 2 I think I will chose to ignore it (just like I do with the mag, unless Kelly Brook has her Norks out!!).
    Thank you

  2. Oh my god, wot a waste of s**t this story is……..The greatest player in the Prem…..Steve G, yes he is a great player for Liverpool and England, but come on…..The greatest ever?!…….hahahaha….

  3. It is worth pick – Steve is the best likely said by the great Z Zidane. Mybe some Maniack fans wouldnt agree and then who cares…


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