Pony has become mane attraction at National Trust park – after growing a MOUSTACHE

(West Briton / SWNS)

This wild pony has become the mane attraction at a National Trust park – after growing an impressive MOUSTACHE.

Jeff Thomas’ mostachioed pony Edward (West Briton / SWNS)

Eight-year-old Edward sprouted a thick crop of hair after burning his upper lip on some newly-scorched gorse.

It grew into a perfectly-shaped handlebar moustache which appears to have been brushed into shape.

Owner Jeff Thomas, 67, said Edward injured himself while carrying out his job of munching on the burned gorse.

“He loves the burning – all of the ponies do,” he said. “As soon as the fire burns down the ponies are straight in there and they just love the carbon.

“We think he must have been a bit too excited and burnt his top lip – in place of that came the moustache.

“He got that doing his work – that’s his badge of honour.”

(West Briton / SWNS)

Edward is one of six ponies on Chapel Carn Brea near Land’s End – often described as the first hill in Cornwall.

Their job is to maintain the area with conservation grazing once the gorse and heather has been cut and burnt.

That keeps it open and allows different species of wild flower to flourish as part of an initiative by the National Trust and Natural England.

Jeff, who owns Bollowal Farm, added: “Hundreds of people have been coming to see the pony with the moustache.

“But despite his fame he is the shy one and always the last to come forward out of the six ponies.”


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