Policeman who had sex with two women he visited on duty is jailed for 18 months

Ex cop Simon Jones who had sex with women while he was on duty
Ex cop Simon Jones who had sex with women while he was on duty
Ex cop Simon Jones who had sex with women while he was on duty
Ex cop Simon Jones who had sex with women while he was on duty

A “predatory” ex-police officer was jailed today after he had sex with two victims of crime he met on duty.

Simon Jones, 33, met both women through his job with Nottinghamshire Police – and even romped with one of them while in uniform.

Jones, who has since resigned from the force, met the first victim after police were called to her house because of trouble with her ex-partner.

He gave the vulnerable woman his mobile number and they kept in contact via more than 1,000 text messages between March and May last year, a court heard.

But the relationship then became physical and Jones would visit the mum-of-two for sex at her home in Mansfield, Notts.

His misconduct was only reported when a second woman complained after Jones was called to investigate a smashed window at her home in Worksop, Notts.

The court heard the former Worksop-based constable began kissing the woman as he was going to leave her home and got his penis out before pushing her head towards it.

He then had sex with the vulnerable victim on her sofa for ten minutes before leaving and telling her not to tell anyone.

Jones, who now lives in Newport in South Wales, pleaded guilty to two counts of misconduct in a public office in October.

He was sentenced to two years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court.

His Honour Judge Michael Stokes QC jailed him for 18 months for the first count and two years for the second, to run concurrently,

He told him: “For most people the law is represented not by judges or lawyers but by a police officer in his or her uniform.

“And it’s therefore always an offence of the upmost gravity for a police officer, whatever his or her circumstances may be, to use his office for unproper purposes.

“To use your position as a police officer in order to engage in reckless sexual activity with women who are themselves and who you knew at the time were exceptionally vulnerable is a very serious matter.

“A police officer represents to the community someone who can be trusted and relied upon. Not someone who will use his position to engage in sexual relations.

“You have resigned as a police officer, you will never be able to work in that profession again.

“The impact of imprisonment on a former police officer is much greater than on the average person who stands in that dock.”

Prosecuting, Jonathan Straw described Jones as a “predatory man.”

He told the court officers found ‘extensive’ details of five vulnerable women on Jones’ phone – with records showing he had sent over 1,000 texts to one of them.

Mr Straw added: “He pursued women that he had met through the course of his job as an officer. Many of which were vulnerable.

“These are both fragile women given their past difficulties.

“They are each at very low points in their lives and they were taken advantage of by a man who they should have been in a position to trust and rely on.”

Speaking about the second victim, who Jones had sexual intercourse with on March 6 this year, Mr Straw said: “She suffered a smashed window at her address.

“Later on this defendant re-attended the address to take a witness statement.

“When writing the statement, he commented that she had a nice figure. About an hour or so later he went to leave but before asked if he could use the toilet.”

Switching to the words of the victim herself, Mr Straw added: “He came back down to leave. He said ‘is there anything else you want from me?’

“Then he started kissing me and he was feeling himself.

“And then he proceeded to get his penis out. He got hold of my head then he asked me to go into the living room and asked me to take my jeans off.

“We got on the couch and he proceeded to have sex with me. It lasted about ten minutes and he told me to put my jeans and boots back on.

“He told me not to say anything about this. Then as he was leaving he said he would come around again.”

Jones resigned from the force after his arrest earlier this year and moved to South Wales – where he grew up and lived until he moved to Nottinghamshire five years ago.

The court heard that at one time in his past, Jones had the highest arrest rate for Cardiff city centre.

Defending, Martin Sharpe said: “He wants to make clear that he apologises to both of these women.”


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