Police investigating Facebook group which encouraged men to list women they’d bedded


Police are investigating how a group encouraging men to list women they have slept with appeared – on FACEBOOK.

Almost 2,500 people signed up to the page, which cajoled visitors to name “tarts who will do anything” after a boozy night out on the town.

The demeaning list – headed “real women” – was removed on the weekend and police vowed to hunt down its creator.

It is not known exactly how many names were published, but the page, set up to name and shame women in Gloucester, was condemned by women in the city.

One woman from Quedgeley, Glos., who did not want to be named, said: “It’s horrible.

“I know several people whose names are on that list and it must be really upsetting for them.

“A few people might think it’s funny to be on the list but most don’t. It’s sick.”

The page’s founder had nine Facebook friends and is believed to be a regular reveller in the city.

Sgt John Skilling, from Gloucestershire Constabulary, said anyone who posted comments on the site could be prosecuted.

He said: “While for some people this may be a bit of fun, posting comments such as this may be an offence under the Malicious Communications Act, or Protection from Harassment Act.

“It is also important to remember that anything posted on the internet can be around forever.

“This sort of thing can do serious, and permanent, damage to people’s reputations, and may be putting young people at risk of abuse.”

Linda Lewis, project manager for Gloucestershire Domestic Violence Support and Advocacy Project, said: “This is very, very worrying. Language like this gives men excuses.

“Perpetrators can justify their actions when women are spoken about like this.

“Obviously physical abuse is horrible but victims say what can hurt even more are words, cuts and bruises heal but the words can stay with you for a long time.”


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