Police blame JUSTIN BIEBER for new craze of throwing eggs at houses

The police mugshot of teen pop star Justin Bieber after he was arrested for DUI
The police mugshot of teen pop star Justin Bieber after he was arrested for DUI
The police mugshot of teen pop star Justin Bieber after he was arrested for DUI
The police mugshot of teen pop star Justin Bieber after he was arrested for DUI

A police force investigating a spate of teenage yobs throwing eggs at houses have blamed JUSTIN BIEBER  for sparking the craze.

Staffordshire Police revealed they had received dozens of complaints over the past two months about youngsters egging homes across Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs.

The surge in incidents came almost immediately after the pop megastar had his LA mansion raided by police following reports he was pelting eggs at his neighbour’s property.

The force have now spoken to schools across the city in a bid to catch the troublemakers and are asking headteachers to remind children not to emulate the teenage pop-star.

The 20-year-old Canadian is still facing possible felony charges of vandalism for hurling a dozen raw eggs at the home of Suzie and Jeffrey Schwartz on January 15.

PC Barry Joyson, from Staffs Police, reminded teenage fans they could face the same charges here in the UK if they are caught.

He added: “Some of the children have told us this craze has been going around the schools and it was linked to Justin Bieber.

“We had lots of reported incidents of people finding eggs had been thrown at their houses.

“It was totally random, no-one was being targeted. Quite a lot of residents were getting annoyed because this was happening on a few occasions.

“The same sort of houses were being targeted – houses on alleyways or on corners – because they are easier to run away from.”

Police have already taken action against eight young vandals – aged between 10 and 16 – who have been spoken to by officers after admitting throwing eggs.

They have signed Acceptable Behaviour Contracts which see the youngsters agree to stay out of trouble or risk facing further punishments.

Complaints of egg throwing have been reported across the Trent Vale, Penkhull, Hartshill and Joiners Square areas of the city.

Police discovered a link between the crime and global pop star Justin Bieber after warning youngsters about the incidents.

One victim Barry Blakemore, 55, said: “Why somebody would want to copy that little brat is beyond me. How much on an idiot do you have to be?

“I understand people look up to pop stars but to emulate them by committing mindless acts of vandalism is just absurd.

“I don’t know what the matter is with the youth of today. Firstly, they like terrible music like Biebers and then they want to copy his criminal acts. The world’s gone mad.”

Another neighbour Sallie Kimberley, said: “This craze is juvenile and pathetic. I don’t even like Justin Bieber. He’s over-rated anyway.”

* Bieber has had several run-ins with his neighbours in the past.

He allegedly spat at a fellow resident of his gated community after complaints about his driving, although prosecutors ruled there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges.

He was also embroiled in a number of controversies on his 2013 world tour, during which he lunged at a photographer, had his pet monkey seized at an airport and allegedly spray-painted the wall of a hotel.


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