Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving


An angry pensioner has been banned from driving after being filmed on CCTV shunting a car which was blocking access to his garage.

Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving

Ronald Pemberton, 83, used his Peugeot to push a Ford Ka which had parked in front of his lock-up.

The incident caused chaos as the Ka was shunted into the road outside a primary school.

Two weeks later he was caught repeating the offence outside Cabot Primary School in St Paul’s, Bristol, by pushing a silver Mazda into the road.

Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving

Pemberton, of St Paul’s, pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court earlier this year to dangerous driving for the first incident on November 24, 2009.

He denied the second offence on December 9 last year but was found guilty by a jury.

Recorder Nicholas Rowland banned Pemberton from driving for 12 months and ordered him to pay nearly £2,000 in fines, court costs and compensation.

Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving

He told him: ”It is an expensive lesson for you. I hope you will think long and hard before you do anything like this again.

”No doubt you were severely irritated with the long-existing parking problem.

”It’s very sad to see somebody of your age in court at all but I’m afraid you can’t go taking the law into your own hands.”

The court heard how Pemberton, who still works running two stationary companies, has rented the garage near his home for 20 years but had come frustrated by people parking in front of it.

Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving

Sarah Regan, prosecuting, said the manoeuvres satisfied the test for dangerous driving.

She said: ”The way you deal with it is to leave a note on the windscreen and have a word when they come back. You don’t use your car to move it.”

Giving evidence in the trial, Pemberton said he was unaware of the presence of pedestrians when he carried out the manoeuvres.

”He had no idea whether people were passing by,” added Miss Regan.

Adrian Maxwell, defending, said Pemberton, who supplies the school with stationery, had never been in trouble with the police and knew the cul-de-sac well.

Pensioner who shunted car blocking his garage banned from driving

He said: ”Pemberton has been in correspondence with the Bristol City Council to try to stop people parking there and has been co-operative with the police.

”He has been driving since he was about 23.”

The Recorder fined Pemberton £500 for the first offence, £200 for the second offence and ordered him to pay the victim Sayid Sharif £620.59 to cover the cost of the damage to his Ford Ka and £200 for personal injury.

He also ordered Pemberton to pay £400 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.


    • lol he should either get himself a wheel clamp and try to teach them what its like when you cant move yer car, or even better park his car somewhere else and when someone parks infront of his garage open his garage up and shove their car inside hahaha …taking out the cctv first of course…

  1. …and £200 for personal injury?

    How was he injured exactly, he wasn’t even in the freaking car – did he suffer whiplash as he quickly turned his head to see what was going on?!?

    Jesus, no wonder car insurance is so high now!

    • Watch further. A guy stands in front of his car and he runs into him. I’m okay with pushing the car out but you just can’t run into people unless they are attacking/threatening you.

      • Then he should have gotten out of the way. It’s not like he was going fast, and I’m sure the guy in blue knew what was happening. If someone sticks their foot out infront of a car wheel as it’s going past, do you sue the driver, or tell the person who stuck his foot out he’s a moron?

        • Watch even further and you’ll notice the old guy is quite obviously being threatened by a entire gang of people and he’s been blocked in by a car and a person whos stood in front of his car on purpose so he cant get away. In my opinion all the stuff the judge has said is pointless. “A note on the windshield” Thats never gonna work…they’re still gonna do it again too…maybe some yellow chequered lines and some signs from the council might be more effective…though the judge would never admit the council could do a better job…a better lawyer would have turned this one around. That personal injury claim is bullshit and now that I have the guys name “Sayid Sharif” well…look anyone who know a Sayid Sharif who wears fashionable baby blue sweaters…and mouths off at pensioners after being quite obviously in the wrong and then continues on to sue the pensioner out of nearly £2000 give him a slap for me at least!

  2. I’m going to say this: There needs to be a severe penalty for blocking access to garages. We have that for most cities in the United States — blocking the only route in/out of a frequently-used service or dwelling can be considered trespassing and/or unlawful detention.

  3. totally wrong.. it looked this 83 year chap was in a panic after pushing the Ford. Imagine how he felt with all those angry people around him.

    I would do the same and let’s face it, a car is tougher than a human body so WHY would that stupid guy stand in the way.

    Ford KA owners should have been fined for blocking the entrance. It is restriction of a carriageway. If they had parked on the yellow zig zags, then they would have received a fine buy post due to the camera surveillance..

    This kind of stuff makes me SO ANGRY about this world…. !!! Arrrrgggghhhhh

    Poor old chap..!!

  4. Disgraceful – the inconsideate lazy fat idle KA driver I mean. This old chap has had that garage for years and – yet again- some thoughtless twat parks there. He’s the one that should be fined and publicly humiliated – not the old boy. People dont give a toss where they dump their cars and they damn well should. Its good the old boy shoved it in the road so hopefully the owner of that can now see the mayhem it causes the inconsderate arrogant twat.

  5. The guy who parked his car infront of this garage is at fault, so he decides he can’t be arsed too park on the road and so decides to park infront of this garage and create problem’s for the other car owner….what a ignorrant person he is and friggin lazy……if his car was parked infront of mine, i wouldn’t have moved it, i would simply have let the 4 tyres down flat, this would have told him next time find a parking space without restricting garage’s as now you are restricted in driving your car….ohdear would you like me too call out the AA for you….oh no i cannot do that, i don’t have a phone

  6. School traffic think they have the right of way to park anywhere in some one’s road and create havoc for the best part of 10 mins twice a day, WALK you lazy git’s and whilst ur at it, go back to school and learn some lesson’s in how you treat people……or try this solution but first read the new’s on tv before going any further…..BUSES ON STRIKE, LEAVES ON THE TRACKS, NO TRAINS, GARAGES RUN DRY OF PETROL AND NOW CLOSED, OH DEAR THE HEAVEN’S OPEN UP AS YOU WILL BE WALKING TOO SCHOOL AND FINALLY THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED AS IT IS A SCHOOL HOLIDAY LOL.

  7. how can this be right the old chap is a hero what is this country coming to people can take the piss and they are in the right you stand up for your self and your in the wrong how can this be. who ever was on the jury should be ashamed of them selfs. we need a campain for our rights his old chaps rights

  8. This is completely wrong. Put a not on the car window and have a quiet word? yeah, right, that’ll get you a knife in the ribs or a good hiding these days. I would have done exactly the same thing in his position – even shunting it right across onto the zigzags.
    But notice how a quiet street suddenly turns into pedestrian frenzy – and what business is it of any of these people? Surely they should have been helping the old guy as they must be just as pissed with idiot parking?

  9. When you read the story, it becomes so obvious what is going on here – it’s a case of the judge etc not wishing to appear racist. Instead of telling sharif not to be a dick & find somewhere else to park in future, the judge has come down really hard on the pensioner.
    About time all these do-gooders took a long, hard look at life in the real world to see what we have to put up with, every time a judge does something like this, it makes the Asians more and more flameproof. Had the garage belonged to another Asian we would have been witnessing knife fights in the street as one family fightss another.

      • B0LL0X!!!

        I am behind the pensioner 100% as I would have done the same thing but the outcome in court was not about anyone being asian and all about overwhelming evidence. It is not wrong that the old boy was found guilty as two wrongs don’t make a right. If he had not done it twice then the court may have aired more on his side.

        Lesson learned here is smash the window and roll it into the road next time and you will keep your licence and pay less in damages if you get caught 😉

        I am just amazed at how people with their own agenda subvert a situation to make light of things that do not exist………………..knife fights……asian states……..what total crap……….the truth of the matter is people need to raise issues but when you do it with an agenda and your point gets lost as you just appear ignorant and stupid rather than concerned and informed!!!!!!!

  10. I back the pensioner 100%, he has tried doing it the right way by contacting the council and they have done nothing. He obviously did it out of sheer frustration, if anyone should have been given a driving ban it should have been the one that caused the problem in the first place, that would stop him from parking where he wants without any regard for anyone else. A bit of advice to anyone that has to put up with this kind of arrogance When you get your license back Ronald, get your car out of your garage and park down the road, when you see someone parking in front of your garage, just drive up and park in front of them and let them see what it’s like to be blocked in, they won’t park there again in a hurry. Good on you Ronald Pemberton.
    The council should see there is a problem there perhaps the car that parks on the zig zag lines outside of a school should prove that, they are there for a reason. People that do exactly as they like makes me sick. .

  11. Its spot the white man and see who ended up in court. When watching the video was the guy who parked on the zig zags and picked up the child was he took to court not only did he break the law he also blocked the road. Its plain to see the van could not get passed. Ah they took a closer look and hes not a white man so thats ok.

  12. he should not have been charged, it was the ignorance of the other drivers, they should have been charged with driving without due care and attention, alright it might only have been a garage, but what if that man had been sick, and they needed to get to the car to get him to hospital, fair enough ambulances are there but all because of one moron’s ignorance to the world around him, as long as he can park his car, regardless of were it is, he should not have done it, the old man should not have been found guilty, if they’re going to charge one with the offence then why not the other, justice system my backside, wigs with fingers up their but holes!!!


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