Pensioner grows 63 inch marrow


A pensioner was stunned when he planted some seeds in his greenhouse – and grew this huge 63-inch long MARROW.

Alberto Marcantonio, 74, grew the enormous vegetable using normal seeds and soil and fed it nothing but tap water.

It now measures a staggering 63in (160cm) long and is believed to be Britain’s longest marrow.

The Guinness World Records book currently only holds records for the largest marrow – a 65kg (113lbs) monster grown in 2008 by Ken Dade, from Norfolk.

Grandfather-of-nine Alberto, who lives with wife Maria, 75, in Hitchin, Herts., today revealed he is keeping the marrow ”as a trophy”.

He said: ”Growing vegetables is just a hobby for me so I fed this marrow nothing but water.

”I used normal seeds so I don’t know why it has grown so long – it must be something in the soil.

”The marrow would have grown larger but it fell off the plant due to its weight. We are keeping it as a trophy.”

Retired factory worker Alberto planted marrow seeds in his greenhouse in March this year in normal soil.

He fed the vegetable nothing but water before it fell from the plant last week after reaching 63in in length.

Alberto plans to preserve the vegetable and hopes to break his own record next year.

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