Obese McDonald’s worker who ate Big Macs five days a week for 12 YEARS celebrates after losing seven stone!

Kevin Gilliver before weight loss
Kevin Gilliver before weight loss
Kevin Gilliver before weight loss

A lardy McDonald’s worker who scoffed down over 3,000 Big Macs over 12 years is lovin’ it – after losing an impressive seven stone.

Kevin Gilliver, 31, ballooned to 20st 13lbs after gorging on takeaway food every single day.

Over the 12 years he worked at the fast-food chain he ate a meal there five times a week – consuming 3.4 MILLION calories.

In total, he munched down a staggering 3,120 Big Mac meals, consisting of a burger, fries and a coke, leaving him clinically obese with a BMI of 38.6.

But after the arrival of his newborn son Harrison in April last year Kevin decided it was time to change.

Kevin Gilliver before weight loss
Kevin Gilliver before weight loss

After seeing embarrassing photos with his first child, Kevin realised he was unfit and could not keep up with lively Harrison, now one.

Kevin decided to join his local Slimming World club in August last year, and an overhaul of his diet saw him lose just over seven stone in nine months.

He went from a XXL to a medium and from a 48ins waist to a trim 36ins waist – and now weighs 13st 12.5lb.


Today (Fri) Kevin, from Markeaton, Derbs., said: “I would eat five Big Mac meals a week because we used to get them for free at dinner.

“I cannot believe I ate that many. It makes me feel disgusted in myself.

“It was so convenient. When it’s handed to you it’s so easy to eat.

“That would include the burger, chips and I would usually have a coke. When I was not at work I would eat them as well.

“I lived on my own for a while and during that time I would just eat rubbish. I would have the meal at work and then eat takeaways and fast food. It was easy.

“I’m very surprised that it equals so many calories. The only salad I would ever have was in the Big Mac.”

Kevin Gilliver (31) after weight loss
Kevin Gilliver (31) after weight loss

Kevin’s unhealthy diet spiralled out of control after he quit smoking eight years ago – causing him to find comfort in food.

As well as Big Macs, Kevin would go home and devour takeaways most days a week, and would snack on crisps, oven chips and kebabs.

Kevin, who now works as a manager at Aldi, added: “My idea of cooking was going to the freezer.

“It was all through food, I’m not a big drinker at all so it was unhealthy stuff that made me get like it.

Kevin Gilliver with his achievement award, for reaching is target weight of 7 stones.
Kevin Gilliver with his achievement award, for reaching is target weight of 7 stones.

“And I wouldn’t stop there. I would get home from work and go to the chip shop, or have a kebab.

“Then I’d eat crisps throughout the evening.

“I realised quite quickly that I want to have a future with my son and my wife,

“I don’t want Harrison to go through his life being embarrassed by me at school sports days and have people laugh at me.

“I want to be able to race them and I can now. I also want to see my son grow up and not be worried about things like heart disease because of my size.

“It was devastating for me to look back on photos with him and for me to look so big. I knew I had to change something.”

Kevin Gilliver before and after weight loss
Kevin Gilliver before and after weight loss

Kevin, who lives with his wife Samantha, 26, a nursery nurse, reached his target weight in June this year, and now says he feels more confident taking his son on days out.

He swapped burgers for salads and home-made curries, and snacks on fruit.

He added: “I went to Slimming World with my wife and my mum and their support was amazing.

“I lost 11lb in my first week, and to be honest, it’s because the diet plan is so easy.

“I love that you can eat whatever you want but it just has to be cooked in the right way. Portion sizes aren’t restricted either.

“I have had to spend hundreds of pounds on new clothes because my entire wardrobe from before no longer fits me.

“It’s been one of the best things I have done. The weight has flown off since. I feel incredible.”


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