Newlyweds Get Picked Up By Police On Their Wedding Day After Failing To Find A Taxi

Owen and Carly Laughton on their wedding day after they were given a lift by police.

A newly-wed couple who decided to walk home from their Big Day ended up getting a ride – in a passing POLICE car.

Owen and Carly Laughton headed for the taxi rank at the end of their reception – still in full wedding attire including flowing bridal gown.

But after being confronted with a two hour wait for the next taxi they decided to walk instead.

But not long into the journey the couple, who have been together for six years, were picked up by the cops in Plymouth, Devon, – who kindly gave them a lift back.

Owen and Carly Laughton on their wedding day after they were given a lift by police.

They had got married at St Andrew’s Church in Plymouth and had their wedding reception at The Loft, a popular city venue, on Saturday night.

Carly, 29, said: “Once the night was over we decided to call a taxi, unfortunately there was a two-hour wait, so we decided to walk home as we only live on the Barbican.

“While walking home we were approached and congratulated by so many people, we walked past OMG (the nightclub) and everyone went mental.

“While walking along Southside Street we were pulled over by a police car, asking us if we were ok and if we had just got married.

“They congratulated us then offered us a lift home on one condition, that we took selfies with them.

“Their names were Sarah and Tom and they were our saving grace that night.”

Owen and Carly Laughton on their wedding day.

The couple work at Jacka Bakery where Owen, 25, is the head baker of his family’s business. They are parents to Evie, aged three, and Sebastian, who is almost one.

The parents showed their daughter the photograph of them outside of the police car and Carly said: “She thought we got arrested, she said: ‘were you naughty mummy?'”

Carly admitted that she and Owen were both “very drunk” and if they were sober they would not have walked the route in fear of destroying her wedding dress.

She added: “It was the cherry on the cake. Not many people can tell that story of their wedding day.

“We want to thank them for being our knights in flashing blue lights.”


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