New survey reveals business owner’s attitudes towards America


Business and America tend to go hand in hand, honing the status as the largest economy in the world and access to world class talent, it is an attractive prospect for many businesses that may be looking into expanding. But, this cannot be said for every business.

The strengths of the American market are no secret, however many of the perceptions of business in America are a little less known. American expansion experts Foothold America wanted to know more about business owner’s attitudes towards the American market and therefore commissioned a survey in order to delve deeper.

The survey covered a number of topics, for example what makes America an attractive prospect for their business, the affects US politics have had on their thoughts on expansion and what factors would encourage them to expand their business to the US.

Some of the headline stats unveiled in the survey are

  • More than two thirds of business owners in the UK are either in the process of expanding their business to America, or have already done so
  • 51% of UK business owners said that the election of Donald Trump as US president has put them off expanding their business to the US
  • 48% of UK business owners surveyed said that Americas status as the world’s largest economy is its biggest attraction

To find out more interesting facts on UK business owners attitudes towards business in the US, what they think makes it an attractive prospect and what puts them off expanding, then you can view the data cards below.


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