New McLaren MP4-12C: first verdicts on new British supercar


The official details for the new McLaren MP4-12 C  have been released with a clutch of motoring journalists driving the supercar.

New McLaren MP4-12C: first verdicts on new British supercar

And with an all-new 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it’s certainly fast – capable of 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds, 0-100mph in 6.1 seconds and 0-124mph in just 8.9 seconds.

At full throttle, the McLaren Mp4-12 C will top out at 205mph – although it’s believed this is a ‘conservative’ estimate with the car thought to be capable of more.

McLaren MP4-12C in pictures

This makes the £168,500 MP4-12C slightly faster than the slightly more expensive Ferrari 458 Italia – with the £169,545 Italian topping out at a mere 202mph.

It’s arguably the most important British sports car since the company’s previous model – the iconic 1990’s McLaren F1 – as the Woking firm look to launch themselves as a mass production car company.

The McLaren MP4-12C has been exciting motoring journalists ever since rumours of its launch were first mooted in 2005.

Now, after nearly six years of anticipation, the wait is over – with road testers giving their first verdict on Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton’s new company cars.

This is what they thought of it:

Steve Sutcliffe at Autocar

In a word, (it’s) incredible. And very, very fast indeed. There are all sorts of elements that define the 12C dynamically and elevate it above its already esteemed competition, but the ride, handling and above all else the performance are probably the stand-out features.

Chris Harris at Evo

It’s faster than a Ferrari 458 Italia, has more useable performance, rides better, has more mechanical grip and is much, much more useable.

Matt Davis at Auto Express
Our only criticism is that it’s a little lacking in character, in the way it looks and sounds. Still, never before has so much performance been so accessible. This is a worthy successor to the original F1, and a fantastic way to launch a new company.

Chris Chilton at Car Magazine

Quite simply, this is the most complete supercar the world has ever seen. Quicker than a McLaren F1, easier to live with than an Audi R8 and more economical than a BMW M3, it rides like an executive saloon when you’re not in the mood but thrills like any supercar should when you are.

McLaren MP4-12C in pictures


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