New App Shows Celebrities As They’ve Rarely Been Seen Before After Allowing Users To Add Or Remove Make-Up

Harry Styles with make up added.

A new app completely changes the look of the world’s biggest celebrities – by adding or removing make-up to their faces in a single swipe.

The MakeApp technology perfectly preens A-list stars or digitally ‘removes’ all trace of cosmetics from photographs.

The process, which simply involves uploading a picture or video, allows users to lighten the skin, minimise redness, or tone down harsh lipstick.

Kim Kardashian without make up.
Kate Middleton without make up.

Celebrities given a digital make-under by the app include the Duchess of Cambridge, Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and even Prime Minister Theresa May.

David Attenborough with make up added.

Each looks drastically different to how they usually look, offering a fresh-faced look.

Others baring all are Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook and R&B star Rihanna, who are normally dolled up for the camera.

Tom Hardy with make up added.
Prince William with make up added.

But stars such as Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Ross Kemp and Prince William are a sight for sore eyes as they’re seen immaculately made-up for the first time.

Tom Hardy, Barack Obama and Nigel Farage are also sporting the slap after appearing to have called in the Glam Squad.

Victoria Beckham without make up

MakeApp users can also take a selfie of their own face before adding or removing make-up to their liking using one of three settings – remove makeup, Light Makeup, and Ultra Makeup.


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