Nadine Coyle plans tell-all book on Cheryl Cole and her Girls Aloud bandmates


Nadine Coyle is rumoured to be penning an explosive tell-all memoir of her time in Girls Aloud, a prospect which should have Cheryl Cole and co quaking in their louboutins.

Nadine Coyle plans tell-all book on Cheryl Cole and her Girls Aloud bandmates

A source told The Daily Mirror that Nadine is furious at her bandmates’ perceived lack of support for her solo career, and has been approached by publishers to write a book chronicling what really goes on in Girls Aloud.

The 25-year-old’s first solo album bombed this year while Cheryl Cole’s career continued to go from strength-to-strength, and the northern Irish beauty is thought to feel let down by her former bandmates backing Cheryl and ignoring her.

The source said: “Nadine feels she has been betrayed by the girls and they’ve sided with Cheryl at her expense.

“About a year ago she was asked to do a book and she dismissed the idea because she thought it would be disloyal to the rest of the band.

“But a lot has changed since then and she feels she owes them nothing after they turned their back on her in recent weeks when she feels she needed them most.

“She is on the verge of signing the deal and the contents of the book will be a real eyeopener to say the least.

“There will be some startling revelations about what went on when they were on the road and all the behind-the-scenes fights between the girls.”

Nadine is engaged to American football player Jason Bell and spends most of her time in the States. She is said to be abandoning her solo career in the UK and concentrating on making a name for herself in America instead.


  1. It is not Girls Alouds fault that Nadine Coyles career has bombed, but that she had bad management trying to keep all the money for herself. Also she left the band long ago if truth be told, and now the only reason she wants to do the tell all book is FOR MONEY. All Coyle can see is the £££££ signs – and she will tread over anybody to get that money. She has been in America long enough to have made it, but she hasn’t – sad but true. Nadine has ALWAYS been jealous of Cheryl’s success, and her relationship with Simon Cowell, and spends all her time gnashing her teeth about it, it seems. Whereas the rest of girls aloud have not been envious of one anothers success, but supported each other. So who is the bitter bug here, Nadine of the four others who lovingly support one another. Nadine isolated herself, and now she has bombed she regrets it. Cheryl Cole doesn’t have a bitter bone in her body, as Danni Minogue has found out and said publically that Cheryl has always been there for her. So Nadine may get her filthy money, but her popularity will further decay!

  2. Even if Nadine wrote the book on the girls, she’d get cash but there’s no way the girls would let her back in the band. And all it takes is one of the other girls to deny what Nadine has said and Nadine will be potrayed as the liar

  3. Ashley Cole is a f*****g blind c**t. How could he let this pearl go? A lot of guys including me would do anything to be with her and always keep her with me! Stupid a******e

    • Sorry but why are you angry at Ashley? lets not forget that had Ashley Cole (the more talented of the two) not dated Cheryl Tweedy, she’d just a be a good looking girl in a band! Everyone agrees Nadine has the better musical sense and a much better voice! Cheryl’s dating exploits have led her to this point, if anything she should pay Ashley! his actions earned her further respect because apparently she was a ‘victim’. The only victim here is music..her band, her music type, her miming, its so embarassing!


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