Murdered spy’s uncle: “We didn’t know what he was doing”


The uncle of murdered spy Gareth Williams yesterday revealed that his family had not known what work he was undertaking in London.

Shocked William Hughes, from Gareth’s home town of Anglesey, spoke from his home about how ”shocked” the family were about the GCHQ worker’s death.

He said the family had known Gareth worked for the Government communications centre, but had no idea he was a secret spy.

William said: ”It was a terrible shock. I got a phone call yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe that such a thing had happened.

”At the time we didn’t have any details, just that he’d been found in his flat.

”He was quiet, unassuming. When he came home on his weekends and holidays he’d be on his bicycle riding around the lanes of Anglesey.

”He worked for GCHQ and for many years. We knew he was working in London, but he’d never talk about his work and the family knew not to ask really. We didn’t know what he was doing. He never spoke about it.”

Mr Hughes added that the family had recognised Gareth was ”brilliant” as a child and had gone to a special primary school.

He said: ”The family knew this from a very, very young age. He was a very clever lad. When he was at secondary school he would go to university one day a week.”

Mr Hughes added that Gareth’s parents were away on holiday when his death was announced, and that he had not spoken to them since their arrival back in Britain today.

He said: ”Unfortunately, they were away on holiday out of the country. They have arrived back in the country today and I haven’t spoken to them yet

”It was terrible when the phone call came yesterday morning. We just didn’t know what to believe really. It was very hard to believe.”

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