Mum-of-two has lost 6 stone and reached her ideal weight – and is posting pictures of all of her new meals on Instagram to inspire others

Instagram slimmer Becky Peabody (SWNS Group)
Instagram slimmer Becky Peabody (SWNS Group)

A mum-of-two lost six stone to become a slim size eight by posting a photo of every single meal she eats – on INSTAGRAM.

Designer Becky Peabody, 44, had been overweight for years and struggled with countless diets, but never managed to shift the weight for good.

She was mortified when she saw a photo of 15-stone frame in a magazine article about her stylish home and was shamed into changing her fat-filled diet.

The inspirational dieter started eating nutritious meals and posting photos of the colourful dishes on Instagram a year ago.

Her arty pictures soon attracted more than 4,000 followers, and determined Becky started including photos of her progress and her exercise routines.

She has swapped her baggy size 18 clothes for a stylish new size eight wardrobe, weighs a slender 8st 10lbs, and runs three times a week.

Becky, from Street, Somerset, said: “I post everything on there – lunches, snacks, if I’ve been for a run, pictures of myself.

“So many people say that I have inspired them to go and eat healthier or get on with their weight loss.

“It has made such a difference to me and my weight loss.

“For me, posting means that I feel I have to justify what I’m eating because I’m sharing it with someone else.

“I’ve got 4,000 followers and the comments and just sharing helps keep me on track.”
SWNS_INSTA_SLIMMER_07Becky used to be a size eight, but piled on the pounds when she had children, leaving her reluctant to have her photo taken and dreading formal occasions.

The 14st 10lb mum ditched junk food in 2011 and managed to lose three stone in a year, but piled half if it back on the following year.

But a year ago she joined Slimming World and saw the pounds fall away.

The stationary designer who runs online company Dots and Spots was a prolific social media user, and decided to use it to help her lose weight.

Thanks to a super healthy diet and regular running, and now she weighs just 8st 10lbs.

Instagram slimmer Becky Peabody pictured before her weightloss (SWNS Group)
Instagram slimmer Becky Peabody pictured before her weightloss (SWNS Group)

Delighted Becky, who is married to teacher Jeff, 46, said: “I feel 20 years younger.

“I can fit into my wedding dress again and I had my hair dyed peroxide white blonde like I used to do in my 20s.

“I feel so much better in myself.”

Becky, who has a 15-year-old daughter and a son, 13, added: “I have always loved shopping but instead of buying what I could now I can buy want I want.”



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