Mum-of-four found a dead bug inside a jar of Dorito’s salsa dip

The dead bug in the jar of Dorito's salsa dip
The dead bug in the jar of Dorito's salsa dip

A shocked mum-of-four told today how she opened a jar of Dorito’s salsa dip – and found a DEAD BUG inside.

Katrina Smith was seconds away from putting the creepy-crawly in her mouth as she sat down to watch TV on Sunday evening.

The 33-year-old had just dipped a crisp into the ‘mild salsa’ dip and was about to take a bite when she spotted the creature.

The dead bug in the jar of Dorito's salsa dip
The dead bug in the jar of Dorito’s salsa dip

Shocking pictures taken by Katrina show the black bug – which is about 3cm long – on its back in the middle of the jar next to a crisp.

The full-time mum-of-four originally bought the £1.14p dip in a Tesco store in Ilkeston, Derbs., on June 14 this year.

She took the jar back to the shop on Monday and is now waiting for Doritos to receive the product so they can conduct a full investigation.

Katrina says she was too disgusted to pick out the black bug – but believes it was either a cockroach or a beetle.

Katrina, who is eight weeks pregnant, said: “I realised it just before I put it in my mouth.

“I saw something black, it had legs, arms, little horns and a face – it was absolutely disgusting.

“I took it into the kitchen to have a look at it to see what it was and realised it was some kind of creature.”

Katrina, who lives in Eastwood, Notts., said the incident had left her shaken made her wary of what she eats.

She added: “It used to be my absolute favourite flavour but I’m never buying it again.

“It was so disgusting, it’s made me think not just about the dip but every single piece of food I eat.

“It’s just the thought of having anything like that close to me again. The fact that I’m pregnant and I am struggling to eat as well doesn’t help.

“Everything that I buy, I open and look inside because I think I am going to find something.”

A spokesman for PepsiCo, Doritos’ brand owner, confirmed they would be launching an investigation into the find.

They said: “The safety of our consumers is always our number one concern, and we take issues like this very seriously.

“We are waiting to receive the product so that we can conduct a full investigation.”

And a Tesco spokeswoman added: “We set ourselves high standards for the quality of the food we sell and were disappointed to hear of this incident.

“We have contacted the supplier so they can investigate and our Customer Service Team will update Mrs Smith with the findings.”


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