Mum Defies Odds Of ‘One-In A Million’ To Give Birth

Mel Moon with baby Sonny
Mel Moon with baby Sonny
Mel Moon with baby Sonny

A mum has given birth for the third time after doctors put her odds of conceiving again at a MILLION-TO-ONE.

Mel Moon, 37, was told her chances of having another baby were virtually impossible after she was diagnosed with polyglandular failure after the birth of her second son in 2010.

The life-threatening condition affects her pituitary gland – a tiny pea-sized organ at the base of her brain – meaning that she is unable to produce essential chemicals and hormones and is reliant on a cocktail of drugs to keep her alive.

As a result of the pituitary gland not sending out oestrogen and other hormones linked to fertility doctors rendered her infertile and told her if she and husband Kris Scholes were ever to have children again it would not be naturally.

However, two years after being given the news Mel miraculously fell pregnant with her third son, Sonny.

Kris Scholes and Mel Moon with baby Sonny
Kris Scholes and Mel Moon with baby Sonny

Comedienne Mel, who is also mum to Reece, 11, and Riley, six, said: “When the endocrine system stops working you can’t conceive because the signals from your body can’t tell you to ovulate and there is no way you can conceive.

“Just before I fell pregnant with Sonny I had agreed to have a hysterectomy because going through the monthly cycle was making me ill.

“I was sad because I had always wanted three children, but I wasn’t devastated because I already had two sons.

“I was due to go for a meeting in April to discuss it but a few weeks beforehand I was stood at the backdoor and I got a funny feeling.

“I recognised it straight away as I had it when I fell pregnant with my other two sons.

“I said to Kris you need to go and get me a pregnancy test.

“He wasn’t impressed and told me to stop messing around and don’t use it as a joke to pretend I was pregnant.

“When it came back positive I didn’t know what he was going to say.

“He was delighted but couldn’t believe that doctors had told me it was impossible.”

Kris Scholes and Mel Moon with sons Riley, Sonny and Reece at home in Burnley
Kris Scholes and Mel Moon with sons Riley, Sonny and Reece at home in Burnley

Kris added: “Mel had wanted another baby so to be told her chances of conceiving naturally were virtually nil, about a one in a million chance, it was a crushing blow.

“So you can imagine our shock when she found out she was expecting.

“We were gobsmacked.

“When Mel was finally diagnosed with polyglandular failure and the doctor said it was impossible for her to conceive natural again.

“He came out with the figure and said it we had a million-in-one chance.”

Mel then called the specialist who had first diagnosed her with polyglandular failure while the family were living in Crawley, West Sussex.

She said: “I rang my consultant and I said I was pregnant and I could tell he didn’t believe me.

“He retested me when I next saw him and then crushed me when he told me not to get my hopes up because this pregnancy probably wouldn’t stick.

“Fortunately it did stick, but then we were told we probably wouldn’t get a heartbeat, but we did.”swns_moon_baby_02Mel said she was referred to pre-natal specialists after hitting the 12-week mark to monitor Sonny’s progress during her pregnancy.

She said: “Sonny always seemed to be doing exceptionally well but they didn’t know what the medication would do to him because he didn’t have a patient like me before.

“He turned out fine and much bigger than he should have been and considering he was born at 32 weeks he only needed two weeks in the neonatal ward afterwards.

However the pregnancy with Sonny wasn’t all plain sailing.

Two days after Sonny was born on October 27, Mel suffered a minor heart attack, followed by a more serious one five days later.

She said she had been suffering from chest pains and pains in her arms after giving birth and while doctors didn’t pick up on the fact she could be suffering heart failure Mel decided to spend a couple of nights with her mum, an experience A&E nurse.

Kris, who gave up his acting career after Mel’s diagnosis, added: “The night Mel had her heart attack I had my phone on silent.

“I only woke up the next day with her dad banging on the door at 7am.

“I had 30-odd missed calls and for him to turn up that earlier in the morning I thought she had died.

“I was bracing myself for him to say she had died. It was a relief in a way to hear that she had the heart attack and was alive.”

After suffering her second heart attack she was rushed to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lancs., where doctors told her if Sonny hadn’t been born when he was it was likely neither of them would have survived.

She said: “The consultant said he believed I had the heart attack because I had just had a baby, but he said if Sonny had still been in there then he highly doubted either of us would have survived.

“I was just so glad that my baby was out.

“When you look at what Sonny went through and to have him makes me so proud of him.

“He’s amazing. He’s such a tough little nut.”


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