Much-Loved Teaching Assistant Left Badly Injured By Manchester Terror Attack Is Welcomed Back By Adoring Pupils

Sharon Crawford back at work with the delighted youngsters at Barnton Primary.

A popular teaching assistant badly injured during the Manchester terror attack has returned to work – much to the delight of pupils at the school where she works.

Sharon Crawford was caught up in the bombing as she waited in the foyer for her 14-year-old daughter to return from the Ariana Grande concert on May 22.

She spent two weeks receiving treatment after a bolt from the bomb went through the top of her leg, breaking her Femur and also left her with severe foot injuries.

Staff at Barnton Primary School in Cheshire produced a touching video for her in the aftermath of the attack – with pupils singing Count on Me by Bruno Mars.

Fifty-four pupils joined hands in a line to send a message of support to their teaching assistant.

Speaking about the day of the attack, Sharon said: “It was horrific – I think that’s the only word I could use.

“Looking back you don’t realise how bad it was until you think about it – it was absolutely terrifying.

“Life means more now – everybody takes it for granted.”

Sharon Crawford back at work with the delighted youngsters at Barnton Primary.

As part of her physical recovery doctors put a metal pin in her damaged leg from her knee to her hip.

She remains on crutches after fracturing her Femur – the longest bone in the body which is located in the top of the leg – while her treatment continues at Leighton Hospital.

However, Sharon is now looking ahead after returning to work.

She said: “The hospital staff have been amazing – the whole NHS has.”

“I have good days and bad days but I’m just looking at the positives.

“I still have lots of hospital appointments and quite a long road ahead to recovery but the fact that I’m still here is great – there were people who weren’t so lucky.”

“I just want to thank the whole community for all the support – colleagues, friends and family.

“Barnton helped to pull me through.

“I have been here for nine years – I know all of the children and I think video they made really helped me when I was in hospital.

“The support I had from everybody was incredible.

“The staff here at Barnton brought meals round for me every single day when I was recovering at home.

“I’m really excited for Christmas now – I always enjoy the build-up with the children here but this year it means so much more.”


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