Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos


A respectable mother celebrated her divorce by asking her new boyfriend to cover her entire body – with a single TATTOO.

Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos

Jacqui Moore, 41, has spent the last eight years getting 85 per cent of her flesh inked with a continuous black and grey ‘full body-suit’ tattoo.

Just her left armpit, half her right leg and most of her face has been left uncovered.

But she hopes to complete the tattoo by getting the final 15 per cent of her body daubed next Spring.

Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos

Jacqui, a gardener at a posh private school in Oxford, fell for tattooist Andreas Moore, nicknamed ‘Curly’, 45, after divorcing from her husband Martin in March 2003.

She said: ”I went to get a new tattoo to symbolise my freedom and the new chapter in my life.

”When I got to the parlour I met Curly and we fell in love and he has been
tattooing me since.

”About 85 per cent of my body is covered in black and grey ink.

Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos

”Lots of people treat me differently some are very nice while I get a lot of funny looks from other people. Some people even tell me I look disgusting.

”But I am proud of my body, I see it as a work of art.

”My eldest says she is not too keen on it but she has two tattoos herself, so she can’t object that much.”

Jacqui was married to her previous partner Martin for seven years and her life revolved around her children.

Mother covers 85 per cent of her body in tattoos

Curly spent 35 hours tattooing her right leg with swirling Indian and Tibetan flowers.

Her complex single tattoo includes a swarm of dragonflies on her back and a large spider’s web etched onto her stomach with tarantulas crawling over her midriff.

Jacqui, who has two daughters Kristi, 21, and Fern, 13, even has a tattoo of an open eye inside her right armpit.

Curly doesn’t charge Jacqui for her tattoos but if he had she would have racked up a staggering £13,440 bill.

Jacqui, from Summerton, Oxford, said: ”I love seeing my body change every time Curly tattoos me.

”It’s an incredible journey of self-discovery.

”My employers respect my art and are happy for me to continue with my project.”


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