Model gets boob job – for £3.90


A busty model today showed off her brand new £5,000 boob job – which she won for the price of a pint.

Model gets boob job - for £3.90

Stunning Danielle Sheehan, 20, won the makeover on a popular auction website – after bidding just £3.90.

She underwent surgery at a private clinic in Norwich to boost her size 34C breasts by three sizes to a 34E.


And yesterday delighted Danielle proudly displayed her new assets for the first time.

Health care worker Danielle, who won the makeover on said: ”I am absolutely delighted with them. I think they look amazing.

”They are so much better than the ones God gave me.

”They hurt for a little while afterwards, but they are fine now. My boyfriend thinks they look great too, and even my mum is happy for me.”

Model gets boob job - for £3.90

Danielle had always dreamed of boosting her boobs in a bid to kickstart her modelling career and because she felt her figure didn’t suit her small boobs.

But after she landed a job caring for mentally ill patients at a local secure unit she put the plans on ice.

Then Danielle logged onto MilliBid after it was recommended to her by a friend.

She bid just £3.90 for the makeover and was delighted when she realised that she had won.

Model gets boob job - for £3.90

Danielle, who has modelled for lads mag in the past and also appeared at the World SuperBikes at Donington Park, contacted the site and was told she could spend £5,000 on whatever she wanted.

She opted for a £4,100 boob job and booked herself in to a private cosmetic surgery clinic.

She spent the rest on brand new wardrobe to suit her new figure. Danielle returned to her home near Norwich the same day.

Now she hopes the op will lead to more modelling work.

Yesterday she said: ”I always wanted it done, but never really had the money, so to win an auction was amazing.”


A spokeswoman for said: ”We are obviously delighted for Danielle.

”MilliBid strives to be unique among online auctions. Our customers can get up to 99% off a wide range of goods, from high end electronics and cars for boys to designer accessories and shopping sprees for girls.

”Past auctions included an iPad at £1.27, 55″ 3D TV at £5.31, a Caribbean holiday for £2.94, and many more.”



  1. ”They are so much better than the ones God gave me.”

    I’m sure your “God” will be happy that you got cosmetic surgery to alter the body “He” gave you. Must be some religon I never heard of.

  2. she looked better before in my honest opinion. Geez they’re just boobs for god sake! she’s a very pretty girl( her tan is way too orange,) i hate that! but she won’t get further than photo shoots or lad mags. In the supermodel world they usually go for something different. Not someone who’s the same as anyone else.

  3. She’s pretty, but not that pretty, shame she had her boobs enhanced she’ll end up like the rest of the wannabe models that parade around for the lad’s mags. She’ll be too old for them in 3 years time, then back to the real world like the rest of us!

  4. She’s absolutely beautiful. Anybody hating on her is either jealous or just pathetic for judging somebody without knowing them. Fair enough if you think she looked better before. She’s happy with herself though which is the main thing and so she should be. Also would just like to point out that she’s an amazing person in general and theres more than meets the eye with her.

    • She looked like a girl before now she looks like a woman. She is stunning, personally i think she might make it all the way and i wish her all the luck throughout life

  5. Pretty is the word, not “stunning”. And she looked very nice before the implants, so why does she want to look just like everyone else?

  6. Thanks for the good and bad comments guys and girls. i can take critisism and pure haters well. the breast augmentation has made me a more happy and confident girl, my ambitions and passions are still to become a dancer, and believe me i can dance with fake boobs. i’ve tried and done it. if anyone else had won the makeover and spent £5000 on a necklace that made them feel amazing then i would say do that! it’s just what i wanted done and i am pleased with the results, until you get to know a person u cant say there the same as every other model. people are unique and i’d like to say my personality is one of them! thanks again for the support and the critisism, but i’ll only be reading the peoples comments that mean something to me. xDannix

  7. she amazing… so many haters out there or sould we say jealous people who wish there are half as good looking as she is x


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