Missionary possible? Most of the time


Six in 10 British couples always have sex in the missionary position, it was revealed today.

Couples will try out just three positions during the average sex session – but then end up with the standard ‘man on top’.

Two thirds of couples then claim the ‘doggy style’ method of love making is their second favourite.

And for 57 per cent, the normal raunchy routine then includes a bout of ‘woman on top’ before they conclude with the usual missionary.

The study of 3,000 men and women shows the average sex sessions lasts a speedy 24 minutes, including foreplay.

But half of those polled reckon they were far more lustful and passionate in the early days and sex definitely lasted longer.

Nowadays, if couples are feeling adventurous, the fourth most popular position for them to try out is ‘Spoons’.

Four in 10 Brits also occasionally enjoy ‘lap love’, while 35 per cent are partial to her legs on his shoulders.

Other popular positions include the ‘Wrap-around’, the ‘Organ Grinder’, ‘Scissors’ and ‘Reverse cowgirl’.

But the poll shows 39 per cent of people wish their partner was more experimental and willing to try new things in bed.

More than half of couples would like to have sex more often – and have it somewhere other than the bedroom, which is the usual place for 89 per cent to make love.

Nicole Clowes, spokesperson for UKDating.com which conducted the poll, said: ”This research seems to suggest that Brits are relatively inhibited in the bedroom, and prefer to stick with positions they are comfortable in, and know work.

”Incredibly one in 10 couples polled admitted they only ever have sex in one position – which makes for a very boring and unsatisfying love life.

”But the research also shows 78 per cent of couples don’t initiate sex until late at night, by which point they are probably exhausted by the day’s events and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.”

The survey shows the best position for a happy ending is actually ‘doggy style’ – with 27 per cent claiming this is their favourite.

For 22 per cent the missionary position always hits the spot, and 17 per cent reckon they get the most satisfaction from the lady being on top.

Other destinations favoured for a spot of nookie include the shower (16 per cent), the lounge (23 per cent) and the kitchen (11 per cent)

Nicole Clowes added: ”When couples first start dating they are much more likely to try out several positions during love making, trying to find out what each other likes and exploring each other’s bodies.

”Unfortunately it can be easy to get too comfortable with the same old positions, and shy away from trying new things.”


1. Missionary – man on top
2. Doggy Style – man goes behind
3. Woman on top
4. Spoons – man lies behind
5. Lap love – she sits on his lap
6. Legs on shoulders – he kneels, she puts her legs on his shoulders
7. The Wrap-around – she puts her legs round him
8. The Organ-grinder – he goes on top, she puts her legs above his shoulders
9. Scissors – legs intertwined
10. Reverse cowgirl – she sits on top and faces away


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