Mike Tyson sued over ‘Iron’ nickname


Mike Tyson is being sued for $115 million by a former boxer claiming he stole the nickname ‘Iron Mike’.

Celebrity website TMZ says 49-year-old Mike Landrum coined the famous nickname in 1983 – two years before Tyson’s first professional bout.

Landrum told TMZ he was “hindered from getting any major title fights or sponsorships because of the name confusion.”

The boxer, who won six of his ten professional fights, filed the federal lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming Tyson infringed on his rights throughout his professional career.

Mike Tyson is no stranger to lawsuits. In 1998 two women filed a $22 million lawsuit following allegations he verbally and physically abused them in a bistro after they refused his sexual advances. A confidential settlement was agreed.

The former champion was recently spotted in the UK having shed his excess weight after becoming a vegan.


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