Man who committed suicide left apology for ambulance and police staff


A man who killed himself wrote letters to ambulance and police staff – saying sorry for dying, an inquest heard.

Tragic Michael Ball, 32, was discovered in a Premier Inn Hotel room on September 30.

Letters addressed to paramedics and police apologising for taking his life were found alongside an empty champagne bottle.

Another note addressed to the cleaner read: ”If I’m not awake when you come in, I’m dead. Call an ambulance.”

An inquest head Mr Ball booked a single room for one night at the hotel near his home in Hadley, Telford, Shropshire.

He downed champagne and whiskey before killing himself.

A cleaner discovered Mr Ball’s body the next morning when she tried to open the door but found it was partially blocked by a cushion.

Sergeant David Evans, from West Mercia Police, said two hand written notes were found in the room and a bag covering the hotel’s smoke alarm.

He said: ”Looking around the room I could see what appeared to be vomit in the bedroom and on the toilet.

”It was very apparent that Mr Ball had researched what he was going to do and he was meticulous in the way he did it.

”He left apologies to ambulance and police staff. He had taken a lot of preparation.”

Mr Ball’s distraught brother Gary told the inquest he had searched Mr Ball’s computer and found detailed instructions on how to commit suicide.

He said: ”His home computer was blank except for a single PDF file which gave exact instructions on how to kill yourself…’.

”Someone must be able to stop these things being put up there.

”Everyone watches CSI and things like that, but no-where have I seen something like what he had done.”

Coroner John Ellery recorded a verdict of suicide.



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