Man ships over 1977 ‘one off Porsche’ from America and within 36 hours it’s stolen off his drive in London


A classic Porsche imported from the US by an avid car collector was stolen just hours after being parked in London, it was revealed today.

(Khalid Bari / National)
(Khalid Bari / National)

Music director Kris Bones, 44, bought the ‘unique’ 1977 Porsche 911S, in Maryland and had it shipped 4,000 miles to his home in Dulwich, south London.

But after just eight hours parked on his drive Kris, who toured with The Prodigy, heard the roar of the engine being fired up and dashed downstairs to see it disappearing up the road.

Angry Kris said: “It spent 39 years in the States without a problem and eight hours on the streets of London and gets nicked.”

(Khalid Bari / National)
(Khalid Bari / National)

Kris said: “I had it shipped over from the US and it arrived on Saturday.

“I bought it from a guy in America who races Porsches and BMWs. He had obviously spent a lot of time and put a lot of love into it.

“I’m a classic car collector and this is my favourite car. It’s special and I just want to get it back.

“It is a one-off car. The way the interior engine is made, the parts of the wheels and the colour of it means it is like no other car.
NAT_PORSCHE_006“We do car shows so having an unique car is important.

“Through all of my 20 years of collecting cars I’ve never had a car stolen before.

“We took it into storage and I made some adjustments to it.

“On Sunday afternoon, I took it to a car show and I brought it back to my home just to eat in the evening .

“It was covered up and outside and I was going to put it back into storage later.

(Khalid Bari / National)
(Khalid Bari / National)

“I was upstairs, watching TV, when I heard the engine start up. You can’t mistake a car like that when you hear its engine. I knew it was mine.

“My first thought was to run downstairs and call the police as I could still see it driving down the road.

“The police were really quick and came within the five minutes.

“I knew I was human. There was no way I’d be able to chase after the car.

“I was just in complete shock. I couldn’t believe it was really happening. It didn’t seem real.

“I know it’s only a car and especially with everything going on at the moment it’s not that significant.

“Unfortunately for men we are often over-attached to cars.”

While Mr Bones was not willing to disclose the value of the car, he said: “Anyone who knows these cars knows that they are very valuable. It would be unsellable because there is no car like it.”

Since the car went missing, Mr Bones said he has been touched by the social media response to the theft.

He said: “Even if the car doesn’t come back it’s been the most overwhelming experience and I’ve been touched by how much everyone has put so much time into appealing for it back.”


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