Man, 43, attacked girlfriend after she nagged him for going to the toilet with the door open


A man assaulted his girlfriend after she nagged him for sitting on the toilet with the bathroom door open – in front of her MOTHER.

Trevor Benjamin, 43, squatted on the loo while his partner’s mum ate a meal just outside the room.

A row erupted and he forcefully grabbed her and spat in her face, magistrates in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, heard.

Benjamin pleaded guilty to assault by beating and was fined £50.

Magistrates were told he was deliberately trying to ‘wind up’ his girlfriend after arriving home on January 10.

Mae Lee, prosecuting, said: “Everything was fine when he first arrived.

“He said he accidentally left the door open, she took offence to this because her mother was eating in the vicinity.

“She started shouting at him and he then didn’t help the situation and admitted winding her up.

“There was an argument which ended up in him pushing her onto the sofa, shouting at her and spitting in her face.”

Kieran Hughes, defending, described the incident as a “simple accident”.

He told the court: “He had been drinking. It was a simple accident, he goes to use the toilet, he thinks the door is closed, it opens.

“He then grabs her and holds her to get her to listen. He accepts he shouldn’t have done that, but he did not maliciously spit at her.

“Any spit that hit her in the face was accidental.”

Benjamin, who was in custody since the incident, was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.


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