Madonna rumoured to have bought Cornish mansion


Pop star Madonna is rumoured to have bought a multi-million pound home – on the coast of Cornwall.

Locals reckon Madge, 51, has purchased a plush mansion thought to be worth around £3million over looking a river in Falmouth.

The Queen of Pop Madonna left Britain for New York two years ago after her divorce from film director Guy Ritchie.

But she has now returned to the UK and has snapped up a home on the exclusive Roseland peninsula, according to local residents.

It is not clear exactly where the home is but it is thought she has owned it for six months and has already begun renovations.

The rumours stem from a leaked email sent by a senior officer at a local housing association.

She said Madonna was moving to the area and had bought ”a big detached house overlooking the water as you would expect”.

The unnamed woman – a huge Madonna fan – had been tipped off about the move by a local resident.

She said: ”Someone broke the news to me because I am such a fan – I am amazed that no-one knew. I am expecting to see her on the high street at any time.”

Tim Light, who runs the King Harry Ferry across the River Fal, said he would ”not be surprised” to see Madonna.

He said: ”There are some beautiful properties on the Roseland and it would tend to attract people like that.

”There are a couple of estates which have been up for sale – one at Ruan Creek and another at Portscatho.

”People here just respect their privacy and let them get on with it.”

It is claimed Madonna – worth £250million – swore tradesmen and suppliers to secrecy as they renovated the mansion.


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