Lib Dem jailed for killing family cat


A prospective Lib Dem MP who speaks out on crime and policing was behind bars today after he was jailed for battering the family cat to death – with a WALKING STICK.

Lib Dem candidate Mike Dixon jailed for killing family cat

Mike Dixon, 53, prospective parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Northfield, killed black and white cat Tipsy with repeated blows to the head and body in May last year.

He ”lost his temper” and clubbed the family feline to death at the family home in Kidderminster, Worcs., after the pet scratched one of his grandchildren.

In the same month Dixon gained 6,550 votes (15.66 per cent) when he stood as a Lib Dem candidate in the General Election.

He came third behind the Conservative candidate Keely Huxtable and Labour MP Richard Burden.

Dixon admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a cat contrary to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 at Kidderminster Magistrates Court on Thursday and was jailed for 16 weeks.

Brian McCluskie, chairman of the bench, told Dixon: ”This was a prolonged and awful attack on an animal, which was a result of your inability to keep your temper.

”That resulted in the family pet being bludgeoned to death. The family pet did not die quickly.

”You ignored pleas of your family and you caused horrific suffering.”

The court heard the married father-of-two killed Tipsy – which they had kept for five years – at their home, after it scratched one of his grandchildren on May 14 last year.

A statement from Dixon’s daughter-in-law Sally was read to the court by prosecutor Nick Sutton, acting for the RSPCA.

It read: ”Mike my father-in-law came towards me and the cat ran out. I heard Mike my father-in-law, say ‘I’m going to kill this cat’.

”I didn’t think he was actually going to kill the cat.

”I noticed Mike holding the walking stick in his hand. My mother in law looked a bit panicked – she screamed: ‘No, Mike no’.

”It was at this point I felt worried. My mother in law came in the room and said: ‘He’s going to kill her’.

”I heard repeated banging upstairs. I thought Mike was smashing the place up.

Lib Dem candidate Mike Dixon jailed for killing family cat

”Mike came into the room looking calm – almost spaced out. He said: ‘I’ve killed the cat’.”

In another statement read to the court, experienced vet Darren Jennings said the cat had suffered ”multiple” blows and could have died up to half-an-hour after the assault.

He said: ”On close examination there was a large quantity of blood on the cat’s face. There was swelling on its head and the skull was fractured. No doubt the cat suffered pain from the attack.”

Steve Morrall, investigating for the RSPCA, said it was one of the strangest cases he’d come across and that Dixon had shown no remorse.

But Fergus Maxwell, defending, said his client bitterly regretted what he did.

Dixon was also disqualified from owning or keeping an animal for rest of his life.

Originally from Nottingham, Dixon worked in sales, catering and manufacturing before entering politics.

He quickly rose up the ranks of the party to become a Liaison Officer, working closely with Lib Dem MEP Liz Lynne.

In February last year he appeared in the local newspaper after he complained about yobs throwing rubbish into his back garden.

On his website he says his ”main areas of interest” are ”Policing and Crime”.

He even contributed to the Lib Dem policy on law and was the official City of Birmingham Organiser for the party .

Dixon’s career lay in ruins yesterday (fri) after he was sacked from his roles as agent for the local party.

A Lib Dem spokesman said: ”He has been dismissed with immediate effect.

”If he chose to stand again as a prospective parliamentary candidate it would be up to the candidacy panel to decide.

”This sort of case would be taken into consideration.”

A Lib Dem insider added: ”His career is toast.

”Technically he could stand again but in reality no one wants to be represented by a man who beats his own cat to death with a stick.”


    • This man deserves more than 16 weeks of jail time. He even looks mean. I wouldn’t trust him with anyone – human or animal.

  1. Instead of 16 weeks in jail – he should have been caned. Let him see how it hurts. There’s no room on this planet for those such as he.

  2. How did this pig only get 16 weeks????? What a joke. For killing an innocent creature. I am sickened by this act. This man ought to rot in hell. I hope his family disown him. Horrible horrible man!!!


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