Lemur and Labrador become inseparable following operation


A paw-ly lemur taken in by zookeepers after an operation is monkeying around with new best pal – ‘Pie’ the dog.

Lemur and Labrador 'inseparable'

Stumpy the lemur became infatuated with Labrador Collie cross Pie after wildlife sanctuary owners Joy and John Palmer took him into their home before Christmas.

The pair are now inseparable and lie for hours on end washing and preening each other while fifteen-year-old Stumpy recovers from an operation on his left back leg.

Joy, who runs Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary, near Liskeard, Cornwall with John, said: ”They are literally together all the time.

”They lie together on the sofa washing and preening and although Stumpy is a wild animal, the pair have got on really well.

”It’s going to be difficult when Stumpy has to return to his enclosure and I’m sure Pie will be devastated to miss his new best friend.

”Pie just took to Stumpy straight away and has helped care and nurse him back to health.”

Lemur and Labrador 'inseparable'

Stumpy was taken into the Palmer’s home to convalesce after undergoing skingraft surgery on his rear leg and within hours was being ”mothered” by 10-year-old Pie.

Park manager Wendy Winstanley said: ”We’ve no idea how he did it but he was in a pretty bad way.

”Stumpy and Pie hit it off straight away have got on better than we ever expected. Pie is so gentle and has been mother him back to health.

”Although Stumpy is an untamed animal he has been behaving himself.”

Stumpy’s fur is now beginning to grow back and he will be returned to the zoo enclosure when the weather changes.

Lemur’s are indigenous to Madagascar and usually feed on insects and fruit. They are very sociable animals who live together in packs.



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