Leading Drone Retailer Expand Product Range with Hubsan Quadcopters in the UK


droneHubsan, with a rich heritage in the RC industry, are beginning to really make some waves in the drone industry. Hubsan quadcopters are generally exceptional value for money, with a build quality that surpasses many expectations.

Hubsan provide a range of smaller or ‘nano’ quadcopters that can be used either inside or outdoors and provide an excellent starting point in the quadcopter world at a significantly lower price point.

These smaller drones provide an excellent way for hobbyists to get started flying, or for experienced pilots to develop their skills without risking damage to their professional drone.

The other big advantage of a nano drone from a company like Hubsan is that they’re suitable for indoor using, meaning you’ll be able to practice flying whatever the weather.

Take the X4 – a tiny quadcopter small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. This drone provides novice users with a ‘beginner’ mode which will help new pilots understand the mechanics behind drone flight without causing damage to a high end piece of kit. At its current price point, the X4 represents the best value for new drone pilots in the entire marketplace.

Hubsan don’t just have products for new pilots though. They’ve also got the ability to produce well engineered, relatively advanced products at an exceptional price.
Another example is the H501S. It features a full HD 1080p camera, headless flight mode and a controller that includes an LCD screen that can receive live 1080p pictures. This is the kind of technology that improving drone pilots want to get their hands on.

It has built-in GPS which also means an excellent ‘return to home’ function has been added to help prevent flyaways. Coupled with a high capacity battery and altitude height adjust, the H501S can stay airborne for 20-25 minutes at a time.

In the world of small quadcopters that’s pretty impressive!

Heliguy are one of the oldest and most established quadcopter retailers in the UK. After queries from customers and a preview of upcoming Hubsan products, Heliguy are now officially stocking Hubsan’s quadcopter range.

Many of their customers are hobbyists and are looking for a cheap way to start their quadcopter piloting career. The introduction of the Hubsan drone range into Heliguy’s product catalogue will help address that need.

Check out the Heliguy website at https://www.heliguy.com/ to view a full range of drones available with next day delivery and UK support.


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