KFC receipt gets motorist off speeding charge


A motorist caught by a speed camera escaped a fine after he proved he was eating a KFC at the time, emerged today.

Stunned David Clark, 57, faced a fine and points on his licence after being told he had been caught driving 59mph in a 50mph limit.

But he had kept a receipt from a Kentucky Fried Chicken which showed he was eating a meal at the moment the picture was taken.

He bought the meal at a motorway service station in Bristol – 20 minutes before the speeding offence was committed 65 miles away in Port Talbot, South Wales.

David, of St Breward near Bodmin in Cornwall, sent a copy of the receipt to South Wales Police, who dropped the fine.

He said he had been travelling to Wales in his Skoda Octavia with wife Angela when he was allegedly caught breaking the speed limit last month.

David said: ”A letter from South Wales Police arrived, informing me that I had been photographed speeding at 59mph in a lane restricted to 50mph.

”I had decided to fill in the form admitting being the driver until Angela asked me to check the time on the ticket against the time displayed on a KFC receipt.

”It was 65 miles away from the speed camera and the time distance was only 20 minutes. It would have been impossible to travel that distance in that time in my Skoda.”


  1. Why would you decide to fill in the form if you had not done it?

    Ive got a feeling this man has a relaitve who were travelling together albeit 65 miles apart and his relative was the one speeding in a car registered to this man and they decided to use the Recipt as a get out clause


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