Katie Price promises to take her children out of the public eye


Katie Price and Peter Andre’s children were never far from their side in their numerous TV shows and magazine shoots over the years, but since their split the glamour girl appears to have had a change of heart.

Katie Price promises to take her children out of the public eye

The model, also known by her alter-ego Jordan, announced on her @MissKatiePrice Twitter feed that she will be withdrawing Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess from the public eye.

Yesterday afternoon she tweeted: “Start filming for my new reality show this week junior and princess won’t be in any of my shows or photoshoots again.”

She followed this up three minutes later with: “I want to withdraw them from the public eye as I want them to have as normal a childhood as possible and want them to choose what they want.”

The news follows an interview she recently gave with Alan Titchmarsh in which she explained her growing discomfort with keeping her children in the spotlight.

She told him: “I’ve not done a photoshoot with the kids in over a year now. I don’t want them in front of the camera now if it’s now their choice.”

Katie also admitted that Junior’s classmates “take the mick” out of his TV and magazine appearances.

But her ex-husband Andre doesn’t seem to be following the same path. Earlier this month he told The Metro that son Junior would be joining him on stage during his upcoming tour.

He said: “I’m excited because Junior is going to be involved in my forthcoming tour, and we’re working on a little surprise.

“I don’t want to give it away, but if you’re coming to one of my gigs, you are in for a real treat.”

The trailers for his new ITV2 reality show also heavily feature Junior and Princess.

Katie made no mention of her oldest son, eight-year-old Harvey. It is not known whether she will be banning him from the spotlight too.


  1. It is quite obvious that this narcissistic ego-maniac wax-work slapper is jealous of her ex-husbands’ genuine success on his reality show with the children. It is becoming glaringly obvious, particularly in view of the 2 seperate shows that Pete is an excellent father with a great rapport with his children and that she is an unquestionably selfish damaging mother with a new “sleazonator” husband whose role model qualities as a parent are equally as questionable….it always has been and always will be….about Katie Price aka Jordan.

  2. I don’t think katie is jelious,I just think she is still learning what is good for
    her kids.She is the mother and can make whatever decisions she wants regarding
    them.Pete should have to comply with what she wants as he is bad,for using
    the children.He is a nice guy but people are only interested in him because
    of Katie she got him where he is.


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