Jo Yeates murder: Crimewatch crew use Hollywood techniques for reconstruction


The TV crew reconstructing the last known movements of Jo Yeates are using Hollywood techniques to recreate the snow-covered ground where she was found, it emerged today.

Jo Yeates murder: Crimewatch crews employ Hollywood techniques for reconstruction

Producers of Crimewatch drafted in special effects firm Snowbusiness to cover Longwood Lane near Failand, Bristol, with fake snow.

The Gloucestershire-based firm has worked on the sets of films such as the Harry Potter series, Gladiator and The Day After Tomorrow.

Snowbusiness has provided 200kg of snow to the BBC crew to accurately recreate the grim conditions when the 25-year-old’s snow-covered body was found on Christmas Day.

A spokesperson for Snowbusiness said: ”We were contacted by Crimewatch to reconstruct the site where Jo’s body was found.

”We put a protective membrane on the ground before laying the artificial paper snow.”

The company also confirmed it had provided dry foam for the falling snow, which was deposited by a specially-built £6,000 machine.

Jo Yeates murder: Crimewatch crews employ Hollywood techniques for reconstruction

Snowbusiness would not disclose the cost of the operation, but said profit made would be donated to Victim Support.

The site is one of six scenes being reconstructed as police appeal to the public for information regarding the architect’s murder.

On Tuesday the Crimewatch crew filmed the Jo lookalike – an un-named actress who works for the BBC – in the Tesco store purchasing a Tesco Finest mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto pizza from a self-service checkout.

The blonde actress, aged in her 20s, wore a cream sports jacket, grey trousers, black boots and a rucksack.

Jo Yeates murder  Crimewatch crews employ Hollywood techniques for reconstruction

She was also carrying a black handbag and white carrier bag, just as Jo was on the night she vanished.

The crew then filmed her exiting the store to the right and heading up Clifton Down Road.

After leaving Tesco Jo walked the 250 yards back to her flat at 44 Canynge Road.

Police believe the landscape architect arrived home safely as her keys, coat, purse and shoes were all found in the flat.

However, no trace of the pizza or its packaging has ever been found, with police saying she had not eaten it.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset Police said: ”Crimewatch are recreating the scene from the day Jo’s body was found.

”It’s being dealt with by the BBC but we’re overseeing everything to make sure it’s factually accurate.”


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