Jaw-dropping £65 million Christmas wishlist revealed


A magazine for billionaires today unveiled its readers’ ultimate Christmas wishlist featuring yachts, supercars and antiques – worth a staggering £65 MILLION.

Jaw-dropping £65 million Christmas wishlist revealed

Luxury mag Robb Report has compiled a list of the 21 most ”imaginative and extravagant” gifts for the world’s super-rich.

The list is topped by a three-week yachting adventure in which the buyer gets to keep a 164ft vessel afterwards – for the jaw-dropping price of £28million.

Next up is a £12.8million personal ‘backyard’ theme park featuring full-size rollercoasters and funfair rides which is built in the recipient’s garden.

A collection of rare red diamonds worth £9.6million is perfect for the woman who has everything, while a Bugatti ‘package’ featuring the Veyron supercar is the ultimate boys’ toy at £6.2million.

Other gifts include fighter jet experiences, rare whiskies, £500,000 watches – and even a 2,000-year-old Egyptian MUMMY.


Bruce Wallin, editorial director of the Robb Report, said: ”These are imaginative and extravagant ideas for one-of-a-kind items and experiences that go far beyond most people’s concept of a gift.

”Our 21 final selections for the Ultimate Gift Guide – which this year includes everything from a private amusement park to a personal submarine – include something for every billionaire on your shopping list.”

Jaw-dropping £65 million Christmas wishlist revealed

The most expensive gift is the Aquos Yachts Northeast Passage Adventure where the recipient and nine friends spend three weeks aboard the 148ft expedition vessel Big Fish as it makes a historic journey over the Northeast Passage next summer.

After the expedition the lucky recipient gets to keep the Big Fish’s sister yacht, the 164-foot Star Fish – all for the wallet-busting price of £28 million.

While the yacht is moored in Monaco or St Tropez, the super-rich will need something to get around the sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline with the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport the ideal rich man’s runaround.

With a 1,200bhp engine, the Bugatti is capable of 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds and can sprint all the way to 268mph – for the princely sum of £1.6 million.

The Veyron is assembled as part of the £6.2 million Bugatti package which also includes a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC worth £4.5 million and a Parmigiani watch costing £165,000.

For the adrenalin junkie, the Robb Report recommends splashing out £1.6 million on the Aero L-39 fighter jet deal.

The Top Gun-style package pays for eight people to take part in four days of aerial training in Arizona – culminating in a stomach-churning four-on-four fighter jet battle aboard the 540mph aircraft.

Jaw-dropping £65 million Christmas wishlist revealed

Other gifts range from the outrageous to outright surreal with the list including a 2,000-year-old Egyptian Mummy that will cost £100,000 and a 12kg piece of the famed 4.5 billion-year old Willamette meteorite – a steal at £570,000.

And then there’s the gift for the billionaire’s inner-child – a £12.8 million theme park.

The Thinkwell Group of California, which built the world’s first indoor ski resort in Dubai, will design and oversee the development and construction of the backyard theme park.


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