Inventor took his own life by shooting himself with a HOMEMADE gun


An inventor took his own life by shooting himself in the head with a HOMEMADE gun, an inquest heard.

Retired engineer Anthony Peters, 73, was found dead at home with the DIY weapon still in his hand.

He had patented a tin opener and built his own traction engine as well as making replica guns to be used in theatre productions.

A note reading ”do not resuscitate”‘ was found beside his body when a nurse turned up to visit him in Ashprington, Devon.

Mr Peters was described by his brother Jeff Peters as an inventor who “could make a gun, no problem”.

He told the inquest in Torquay that his brother suffered from diabetes and had a leg amputated two years ago.

Jeff said: “He really didn’t look himself at all and went into a coma. I think he wish he’d gone then.

“I did know he’d made a gun a long time ago and had said ‘that’s to see me off when I’ve had enough’ or words to that effect”.

South Devon coroner Ian Arrow said Mr Peters had died of severe brain injury by gunshot on March 5.

He said: “The gun was in his hand and I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt there was no other person involved and he has shot himself.”


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