International Space Station triple flyby captured in one amazing photgraph


This incredible composite photograph shows the International Space Station as it whizzes around the world at 17,000mph – above Leicester.

The space station orbits the earth 15 times every day – completing each full circuit in just 91 minutes but can only be viewed on average four times in any one spot due to cloud cover.

But amateur photographer Mark Humpage captured three trails of the space station – using a composite of 50 pictures – as it soared 250 miles above Lutterworth, Leicestershire, on Saturday night.

He said: ”I worked out the best place to see the space station and set my camera up to take pictures of it every time it orbited the earth.

”The effect is having three trails of light criss-crossing the perfect night sky. It is quite incredible to think the space station is zooming above our heads every day.”


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