Innovative brand launches new fashion gaming experience


poshPOSHROW is turning heads at today’s top fashion houses by providing a unique way to interact with fans through gaming.

Their mission? To create a space where fashionistas and culture-thirsty gamers come together and compete for all things amazing!

“Despite public opinion, research shows women account for nearly half of online gaming, yet there are few options in the marketplace that cater to their interests” said Michael Chimento, Founder of INTAP, creators of

“In addition, online viewing of fashion trends is quickly closing the gap on the traditional medium of magazine (67% and 72%, respectively); by fusing fashion and online gaming, POSHROW delivers an engaging experience that is unique to current trends in media.” features a modern gallery aesthetic, displaying beautiful photographs, cinemagraphs and 30-second videos from monthly-featured fashion brands.

By combining the beauty of a magazine with the engagement of a digital competition, fashion lovers can flip through current and past trends while competing to win rewards from top designers and collaborative artists.

Trending Now: POSHROW is currently featuring luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LV) to launch its premiere gallery competition.

Users navigate through the game utilizing their skills to win hundreds of rewards from LV’s iconic products, such as the: NEVERFULL GM Monogram Handbag, NANO Monogram Bracelet, artist-illustrated travel books, and LV-inspired Limited Edition prints by POSHROW’s “Haus Collect” featured artists.

Get in the game at; launching now, across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


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