Incredible watch that always reminds you when it’s time to pray

The incredible watch is on sale now, priced £24.99

The face of Jesus has been discovered in possibly the tackiest watch in the world.

Covered in 100% fake gold banding, the gaudy Jesus Watch contains the image of Christ as well as the Virgin Mother on the face – making it one of the oddest watches ever.

The £24.99 timepiece, available from online retail experts, is modelled on a Rolex.

The incredible watch is on sale now, priced £24.99

Sam Regan, who volunteers at her local church every Sunday, said: “It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I like it.

“I’ll use it to make sure I’m never late for church again.”

A spokesperson for Firebox said: “With Papal approval pending, and glow in the dark hands just like the man himself, our Jesus watch is a memorable timepiece for our time.

“Plus, just like Jesus, it’s not phased by water, has 3 hands and glows in the dark – perfect for putting on your Sunday best.”

The classic Rolex-style timepiece is a welcome addition to any smart wardrobe


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