In a pickle : Can you spot the GHERKIN in this calorie-packed picture puzzle?


Where’s the gherkin lurkin’ ?!
SWNS_LURKIN_GHERKIN_02The latest visual puzzle to bamboozle the web will have you losing your marbles rather than counting your calories.

SWNS_LURKIN_GHERKIN_01On demand restaurant delivery service served up this mind-boggling maze of burger ingredients which features just one solitary gherkin … SOMEWHERE.

Illustrator Sally-Ann Heron, 25, said: “I kept forgetting where it was myself, while I was drawing it.

“It also provide some food for thought, as I was really hungry by the time I’d finished it.”

A Deliveroo spokeswoman said: “We spotted the trend for these puzzles and thought it would be great fun to test out our customers and the rest of the public.”


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