How to Make Christmas More Exciting This Year



Christmas is a challenge for many families. With so much extra expenditure and kids to entertain, it’s no wonder that many families end up arguing over the Turkey and throwing the monopoly board out of the window. The good news is that you can make Christmas more exciting without breaking the bank – and here’s how.

Organise a Boxing Day Treasure Hunt

Boxing Day is traditionally a day to sit around eating leftovers and watching old films on the television. This year, why not do something a bit different and plan a Boxing Day Treasure Hunt.

Treasure hunts are for everyone, no matter how young and old. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like, depending on how many people you are entertaining. Plan a small treasure hunt around the house and garden and make it child-friendly, but if you have a lot of guests, make it larger and organise people into groups.

Work out clues and have the final clue point to a destination where there is a prize waiting. This could be anything from a box of chocolates to a bottle of fizz. You could even plan your treasure hunt over a wide area and have it end in a nice pub somewhere scenic. Don’t forget to have a back-up plan in case anyone gets lost!

Go Shooting

If it’s good for the Royal Family, it is good enough for you. OK, so blood sports are not everyone’s thing, but clay pigeon shooting is just as much fun and simple to organise over the festive holiday. Pay for the family to attend a clay pigeon shoot between Christmas and New Year. They will have a ball and it will be a memorable holiday for everyone.

Have a Day at the Races

Horse racing meets always take place on Boxing Day and it’s an important date in the National Hunt calendar. Look for a local race meet and make plans to go. Even kids will enjoy a day at the races, although you might want to book tickets for the indoor stand if it’s cold. You could even have a bet or two, just to make the day more exciting. Bettingexpert tipsters have seen great results on Boxing Day races, so get some tips in advance and you’ll be a winner all day long.

Book a Last Minute Getaway

Sometimes, the best way to get through the stress of Christmas is to have a Plan B in place. There are always last-minute holiday bargains to be had if you look online, so if you fancy spending New Year in the sunshine, working on your tan in a tropical resort hotel, or you quite like the idea of a ski break over the New Year, start looking for a last minute bargain break.

Try not to get too stressed about the Christmas holidays. Spend it with family and friends and make a point of being nice to everyone, so there is no chance of a festive fall out.


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