Honest Shopper Posted 50p Back To Sainsbury’s After Realising He’d Been Given Too Much Change

The letter and money that was returned to the store in Sleaford, Lincs.

An honest shopper posted a 50 pence piece back to Sainsbury’s after realising they’d been given too much change.

The customer taped the coin to a handwritten letter and returned it to the supermarket in Sleaford, Lincs.

The kind gesture left them out of pocket as the second class stamp to send the letter cost 56p.

The note read: “Please find enclosed 50p. I think I was given too much change on October 26.

“Till receipt was correct – £2.25 tights and 50p chocolate. Total £2.75, change £2.25 with £5 note. But I seemed to end up with 50p extra in my purse.”

Store manager Darren Rounce said the sweetness of the letter made his heart soar.

The letter and money that was returned to the store in Sleaford, Lincs.

He said: “How sweet is it?!

“Isn’t it just the nicest thing to open on your desk?

“I have been a store manager for just over 10 years, a manager for 20 years in different stores and I have worked in most of the stores across the East Midlands and I have never seen anything like this.

“You get random acts of kindness – if a colleague is expecting a baby, customers have brought in knitting, but I’ve never had anyone cost themselves money [by buying a stamp] to send 50p back.

“It’s incredible.”

Mr Rounce wants to reward the shopper for their honesty with a little gift from the store.

“We are looking at giving them a small reward as that kind of honesty should be rewarded,” he said.

“It’s the honesty of the person – it must be a core value of theirs.”

He said the store will check the handwriting or the receipt to make sure it is given to the right person.


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