Hilarious car advert is internet sensation


A hilarious advert on eBay describing a suped-up boy racer car as ”a proper bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile” has become an internet sensation.

Cheeky car dealer Keith Bean advertised the 2005, 16 valve blue Renault Clio hot hatch after taking it in part exchange at his salesroom.

And his colourful description of the supermini has prompted more than 25,000 people to join the ‘best eBay advert eva’ Facebook group to celebrate it.

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In his advert Keith described the car, which has tinted windows, lowered suspension and noisy exhaust, as suitable for ”Teenage Drug Dealers/Low Life & Oxygen Thieves.”

It goes on to read: ”If you think you’ve saved enough benefit from your 4 children before your 20, this could be the answer to your prayers.

”A proper bastardised, chaved up Skippy mobile if ever there was.

”Enhance your street cred at the local drive thru burger joint or council estate shop front no end with this utterly tacky converted little Renault Clio.

”Not your Gran’s idea of a lift to town, granted, but a fantastic opportunity to increase 3 fold your class A drug selling ability.

”This is the car you need boys. The punters will flock to the window for your home grown skunk and other illegal substances.

”You just ain’t gonna look out of place in this little beauty! Now I’ve made sure the tax ran out last November, so there is a big pat on your scrawny little backs already.”

Keith, 41, has sold cars for over 20 years and has run Farnborough Car Sales, in Farnborough, Hants., for the last eight years.

He posted the eBay advert after the mother of a teenage lad part exchanged it but bosses for the auction website promptly removed for breaching their policy.

Married Keith said it started as a joke but snowballed to such an extent that he overheard strangers in the pub discussing the advert.

The cheeky ad had received an incredible 400,000 hits with bids totalling more than £5,000 before it was taken down.

Keith said he had been left stunned by the response the advert had generated.

He said: ”I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the feedback I’ve had. It’s been crazy and I’ve already replied to 556 emails.

”It started as a bit of a joke between me and a few mates and put it on there fully expecting to have to take it down.

”But within days I was getting emails from all over the world telling me how it had made their day.

”One woman has even asked me out on a date and requested I send a picture of myself to her.”

Keith says he took out the unusual advert after becoming sick and tired of boy racers and ”bastardised” cars.

He added: ”I took one look at this bloody car and thought to myself ‘this personifies everything that is wrong with the youth of today’.

”So I sat down on my laptop for half an hour and just had a little rant.

”Since then I’ve had people from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States telling me how much it made them laugh.

”It’s great to know people appreciate it but I genuinely had no idea it would grow like this. Some have said it’s a great PR stunt, but it genuinely was just a joke.”

The advert goes on to say ”Worried about the Babylon spotting ya? No need. Car comes fully equipped with blacked out gangster glass on the side windows” so the buyer can ”fill the back up with yer ugly chav kids”.

The hilarious rant goes on to describe the car as ‘utterly tasteless’ and perfect for hoodie wearing drug dealers and criminals.

It adds: ”To complete the proper drug dealer look, a tasteless stripe has been fitted from the front to the rear.

”Finished in “Air Max” white it really doesn’t complement the car in any shape or form.

”Rather like you and your Brethren spitting on the floor constantly.

”Completely needless but you think it makes a statement about you. You’ll also enjoy the totally pointless but ridiculously noisy after market air filter.

”About as helpful as a fart in an astronaut suit, but hell, you didn’t get where you are today by being helpful, did you?”

Keith passed the now world famous Clio onto a trader who promptly sold it – unsurprisingly to young male motorist.

The advert

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