Widow sent dead “my sexy chick” bouquet three days after her husband died


A widow has told of her devastation after a blundering flower company delivered her a dead bouquet addressed to ”my sexy chick” from ”your tall, dark, handsome fiance” – three days after her husband died.

Grieving Barbara Wright, 83, was expecting a bouquet with words of condolence from her brother and sister-in-law after her husband John, 86, passed away from natural causes.

But instead she received a bunch of wilted flowers bearing the message ”To my darling sexy chick, love always and forever. Your tall, dark handsome fiance.”

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Mrs Wright now wants to take action against the internet flower delivery company that sent the bouquet to her home in Teignmouth, Devon.

She said: ”Normally I would laugh at something like that – I’m not a prude – but I just burst into tears.

”The message was completely inappropriate addressed to ‘my sexy chick’ while my husband was barely cold.

”The flowers were dead and rattling in the box. The label was all crumpled there was no greenery and barely enough wrapping paper round it.

‘I phoned and said I was disgusted. They just sad ‘Sorry, we will send you some more,’ but there was no letter of apology.

”It was too late the damage had been done. What I want to know is did the other girl get bereavement flowers instead of the flowers from her fiance?”

Mrs Wright said she was left in tears after the incident and hopes that The Flower People Ltd, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire will be closed down.

Kenny Crouch, director of the company, offered his apologies to the unhappy pensioner after the wrong delivery on August 25th and sent her a new bouquet of flowers with the correct message.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards has said they have received a number of complaints about the internet flower company, but that they have decided not to prosecute.

A spokesman said: ”We are aware of some complaints against this company.

”We are working with them to improve their practices and as a result have noticed a reduction in the number of complaints over the last few months.

”This is a very distressing incident, particularly in such circumstances.”


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