Great offer of serviced apartments in Germany


Getting the best accommodation during a business or leisure trip is always a challenge to many. But not anymore, thanks to the serviced apartments.

This accommodation solution is fast becoming the popular choice for many travelers in Germany. If you want somewhere to live rather than just sleep, this is your choice.

With a great offer of serviced apartments in Germany, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of benefits. They’re as follows.

  • Home Comforts

Are you looking for a secure and comfortable environment? The serviced apartments are your best bet.

These apartments include separate and spacious living and sleeping rooms. You’ll also get the entertainment tools you could want. Such include TVs, DVDs, free Wi-Fi, music systems and a private telephone line.

  • 24-Hour Concierge

Most serviced luxury apartments offer a 24 hours concierge service. These services assist the guests with their social arrangement and travel.

Every concierge is an expert at the organization. They’ll offer detailed information on the local area, its transport links, theatre showings, delivery services, and transport links.

These experts help make your stay extremely special.

  • A Private Fully Equipped Kitchen

Ideal for longer stays. The apartment is equipped fully with kitchen tools including a cooker, fridge, dishwasher, and a washer.

These luxury apartments are a godsent for those with specific dietary requirements. But what happens if you don’t wish to cook but want to stay indoors?

Well, call the concierge to organize the services of a private chef — one who’ll prepare and serve meals just for you.

  • Privacy and Freedom

Once you book your serviced luxury apartment, that’s it. You can play, work or relax at any moment.

There’s no need to make conference reservations for a meeting, do it in the dining or living room.

As for hosting and entertaining your family and friends, relax in the privacy this apartment offers. You don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else.

  • Cost Effective

In Germany, most serviced, and business apartments are charged per apartment. Hotels, on the other hand, will levy their charges per person.

So, when taking a vacation as a group, an apartment would be your ideal economical choice. Plus, favorable rates are available for more extended stays.

As such, you’re able to enjoy your stay with the satisfaction of getting value for your payments.

  • Flexibility

You’re free to enter and leave the room as you wish, allowing you to abide by your schedule. The availability of furniture and other facilities in the room mean you can work, eat or sleep whenever you want.

You can also get apartments with several bedrooms and bathrooms branching off from the central living area. This works well for families, colleagues or other groups traveling together.


A serviced apartment acts as your temporary home, away from home. It’s all about feeling relaxed, free and comfortable to do everything you want.

So, with these benefits, why don’t you want to enjoy the space, privacy, and independence that comes with a serviced apartment?


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