Gorgeous blonde model Casey Hindley is a dead ringer for I’m a Celebrity jungle babe Jorgie Porter


Look-alikey Casey Hindley has always resembled jungle babe Jorgie Porter – but she is now being accosted in the street since her doppelganger entered the ITV show.

Casey Hindley (SWNS Group)
Casey Hindley (SWNS Group)

The pretty 19-year-old can’t go anywhere without being approached by Jorgie’s fans.

Both girls are stunning and slim with long blonde hair, but the similarities do not end there.

They are both the same height, at a petite 5ft 1ins, and they both come from Manchester.

They both have a tattoo on the right side of their tummies and both grew up being raised by a single mum – the plight of which was told by Jorgie in the hit show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

RPY_CELEB_05Casey has even followed in Jorgie’s career path as she is also a trained dancer and has performed and won trophies at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, she also played an orphan in a theatre production of Oliver Twist.

Even Casey’s middle name is Gorgia.

But there are two distinct differences, Casey is only 19-years-old, whereas Jorgie is 27, and Casey is a mum to one-year-old Keane.

She has also found love and is in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart, call centre worker Ryan Bowyer, 22.

Casey said: “I used to get: ‘Are you that Theresa from Hollyoaks?’, but now it’s gone into overdrive because she’s been pushed into a bigger limelight.

“I’m enjoying my new fame.

“It is quite amazing how much we look alike. I can see it myself.

“We have the same mannerisms and expressions, the way we smile and pout and everything. It’s really weird watching her in the jingle because it’s almost like watching myself.”

For now the attention is fairly tame but she is expecting it to spiral when Jorgie comes out.

“Jorgie is in the jungle right now so people realise I’m not the actual Jorgie,” said Casey.

“But I bet when she comes out it will go crazy because people will really think I’m her.”

When Casey was on holiday in Turkey last year all the staff at the resort thought she was the stunning actress and gave her star treatment.

Casey said: “The staff would rush to serve me first and always make sure I was comfortable and happy, it was great.

“I didn’t correct them until the last day when I told them who I really was.”

Casey is also Jorgie’s number one fan.

She said: “I would love Jorgie to win. I think she’s lovely and she’s great to watch.

“I think I would be similar to her if I was in the jungle. I wouldn’t be that scared of the bugs.”


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