George Clooney wanted for lead role in gay movie


Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney has been offered a starring role in a £50 million remake of the gay movie which inspired Brokeback Mountain.

Cult Australian flick The Set sparked outrage when it was released in Australia in the 1970s, when homosexuality was still illegal.

It led to violent clashes between pro and anti-gay demonstrators – and catapulted the movie into the global headlines.

The film is widely credited for making gay movies mainstream and as the inspiration behind 2005 Bafta award-winning hit Brokeback Mountain.

Now, more than 40s years later, the original is set receive a multi-million pound Hollywood makeover.

Australian scriptwriter and actor Roger Ward – who also penned the first movie – has offered Clooney a lead role.

A novel based on The Set went on sale in Britain this week and author Mr Ward is now in discussions to turn it into a £50 million film.

He said: ”I’ve approached George Clooney for one of the main roles – he’s one of Hollywood’s best talents and would be perfect for communicating the intense emotions seen on screen.”


  1. brokeback mountain is not based on the set.  it is based on a short story written by annie proux, a thoroughly american writer. 


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