Footballer kills injured owl mascot by kicking it off the pitch


This is the disgusting moment a Panamanian footballer cruelly KICKS a injured owl as it lay on the pitch – killing the poor bird.

Colombian footballer kicks injured owl

Luis Moreno was playing for Colombian league side Deportivo Pereira against Atletico Junior when the owl landed on the field.

While trying to make a clearance, a Deportivo defender kicks the ball, accidentally hitting the stricken owl – which is also Atletico’s much-loved mascot and lives in the stadium.

As play is halted, Moreno calmly jogs up to the owl and boots it three metres, prompting anger from the opposition and their fans.

Moreno, unaware the owl was a lucky charm, was then subjected to chants of “murderer, murderer” from the furious crowd.

A local vet tried to save the owl but it died yesterday after going into shock – turning Moreno into a national hate figure

The distressed Panamanian, who has apologised to Atletico fans, said: “My family is very worried about what happened because an entire country is against me.

“I believe what happened is regrettable and I apologised to the entire country.”

Authorities are now discussing whether any disciplinary action should be taken against Moreno.


  1. sick bastard. he should be prosecuted for cruelty. or someone should kick him three metres off the pitch next time he takes a dive and feigns injury. Hohrible, horrible “man”,

  2. Why does it matter if it was their lucky mascot? No animal deserves to be kicked when its down and injured. I love third world countries interactions with animals. No respect at all. From Guyana and the stuff I saw there makes me want to cry.


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