Fisherman catches orange and blue lobster


A lobster fisherman was lost for words after he pulled up a crustacean in one of his pots which looks like it has been HALF-COOKED.

Live lobsters are usually bluey green until cooked – when they go bright red or orange.

The fisherman pulled up the one-quarter blue, three-quarters orange shellfish while fishing off the coast of Wales.

He donated his catch to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Bristol, where keepers have named him ‘Ska’ in honour of his two-toned colour.

Displays supervisor Becs Smith said: ”We got a call from a fisherman to say that he had caught a bizarre-looking lobster in his pots.

”We get quite a few calls like this and didn’t think too much of it until we saw the photographs of Ska.

”I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like him before and neither have any of my colleagues.

”The colours are remarkable – particularly compared to a normal lobster which is usually a dark blue all over.”

Experts at the aquarium believe that Ska’s half-baked appearance is probably due to a freak accident that occurred while his shell was developing.

Lobster shells are thought to grow symmetrically and are usually completely blue until cooked.

But experts believe part of this crustacean’s shell may have somehow lacked its natural pigment.

They say there is a chance Ska will lose his remarkable shell the next time he moults.

Lobsters are among the planet’s oldest inhabitants with fossil remains found dating back more than 100 million years.


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