family pet saved from house blaze thanks to dog monitor

Leanne Petit, 27, and her boyfriend Ed Johnson, 28, with dog Frank.

A couple saved their dog’s life when they checked their digital pet monitor – and discovered the house was on FIRE.

Leanne Petit, 27, and her boyfriend Ed Johnson, 28, were out for dinner and they wanted to make sure Staffordshire bull terrier Frank was behaving himself.

So they opened a mobile phone app linked to a camera which live streams a video feed from their living room.

Lucky dog Frank.

They were puzzled to see the hazy image of the living room and wondered if the camera was playing up.

But Ed then noticed a flame in the corner of the screen and was horrified to realise the room was on fire and the haze was smoke rapidly filling the living room.

When he activated the audio on his Clever Dog Pet Monitor he could hear the fire alarm going off.

The terrified couple dialled 999 and left the restaurant to make the 20 minute drive back to their home in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Monitor view of the room, before the fire.
Screen grab of the fire. A family dog was saved from death when its owners were alerted to a house fire – by their PET MONITOR.

When they arrived home they found the fire brigade had beaten them to it and already put the fire out.

Frank had escaped injury by sticking his nose out of the letterbox to get to the fresh air whilst the firefighters worked to rescue him.

The cause of the fire was a rechargeable battery which sparked and set the carpet underneath Frank’s chair alight.

Luckily the chair contained the blaze long enough not to spread to the rest of the house before emergency crews arrived.

The area on the floor where Ed’s phone caught fire (Circled) and the space where the chair caught fire.
Lucky dog Frank

Frank, an engineer, was checked over by a vet and given the all clear.

Care home worker Leanne and Ed have bought a second and third Clever Dog Pet Monitor so they can see the whole of the downstairs from all angles.

A spokesperson for, which sells the devie, said: “We are genuinely thrilled that one of our gadgets managed to help save a dog’s life and prevented a house from catching on fire.

“We were all a bit shocked and stunned in the DoggieGadgets office when we read the customer review that Ed had posted, letting us know about the fire.

“These are the stories we love to hear from our customers.”


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