‘Playing the piano is like firing a gun’: Star composer reveals his music-writing techniques are inspired… by JAMES BOND


The youngest composer ever to be commissioned by the Royal Opera House has revealed his bizarre music-writing techniques are based on – James Bond

Fabio D’Andrea, 33, was picked to write an original piece of music for world-class ballet company Ballet Black for their new season.

The pianist and composer is the youngest person to have an original piece performed at the prestigious Royal Opera House.

Composer Fabio D'Andrea's writing techniques are inspired by James Bond
Composer Fabio D’Andrea’s music-writing techniques are inspired by James Bond

He has already been dubbed ‘the James Bond of Piano’ because of his unusual training regimes.

The musician, who trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London, follows the Daniel Craig fitness regime to keep him in good physical and mental shape.

And he says playing the piano is like being a special agent because you have to learn how to best channel your energy and it requires precision of fingers such like firing a gun.

Fabio, whose original composition titled ‘Perpetuum’ will premier with Ballet Black in March, said: “It is a dream come true and a huge honour to have my work performed at the Royal Opera House.

“I am still in shock – this is the first time I have written for ballet. To be asked to do it and have it performed at the Royal Opera House is amazing.

Fabio watches ballet dancer Cira Robinson and her choreographer with the Royal Ballet Ludovic Ondiviela
Fabio watches ballet dancer Cira Robinson and her choreographer with the Royal Ballet Ludovic Ondiviela

“Perpetuum is a really simple piece. It has a constant drive and rhythm going on, but the melody is really long and flowing on top.

“Getting ready for performances you have to be physically and mentally alert. My personal trainer introduced me to the Daniel Craig and James Bond regime.

“There is a lot of force that I put on to the piano. You can see it in your posture there is a lot of energy. You have to learn how to channel that energy.

“I also had to learn how to loosen up my shoulders and chest because and tension in the body can impact on the sound you produce when playing an instrument.

“The Bond-inspired techniques are mainly to improve my piano playing and performance, but the training influences my whole musical life.

“Perpetuum has a lot of energy in it, but I had to compose something that is systematic. I think if someone is listening to it they could imagine it being used in a Bond film.”

The pianist, originally from Peterborough, Cambs., added: “The last year has been crazy.

“I was asked to go to a festival in Hong Kong where I met my heroes William Orbit and Pharrell Williams.

“Being in their presence and having my music premiered at the top of a sky scraper was just amazing.

“Then I got invited to play at a Vogue Italia party in Cannes and I met Kanye West.”

Perpetuum was performed and recorded for Ballet Black’s performances with Fabio on piano and strings from the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.

The piece will also be added as a bonus track on his new album ‘Reflection’ out in March.

Fabio’s album, which features costumes made by Kylie Minogue’s designer, has been Classic FM CD of the week.


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